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Lightweight Waxy Cowhide Fitted Motorcycle Jacket 626

Material: Waxy Cowhide

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Men's 26" midweight cowhide motorcycle jacket has snap down collar and lapels, three front zippered pockets, half line belt with buckle closure and cotton plaid flannel lining. Union made in the USA

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Great for Summer Riding
I ordered this jacket for summer riding, and because it's a Perfecto style available in Brown. I live in Houston, and, during the summer, riding in anything but a t-shirt—and, really, even then—feels like riding in a wet oven. But this jacket is comfortable on the bike.

I like the look, though there's more of a red tint in the Brown than I'd anticipated from the photo online. I imagine it will patina beautifully.

In terms of sizing, I'm baffled by the reviewer who is 5'6" and thin, and for whom the Small is snug. I'm also 5'6" and have an athletic build, and the small is a little loose on me. The XS is out of stock in Brown, so I'm keeping the S and getting it tailored by an amazing leather tailor here in Houston.

I can't comment on its warmth, as it's still around 100 degrees here during the day. It definitely feels like it will be plenty warm enough throughout fall and probably most, if not all, of our mild winter (lows in the high 40s–low 50s).

I really appreciate everything about this jacket—it smells great, looks great, and is very comfortable when riding. As many others have mentioned, the quality is immediately evident in the look and feel. If I could, I'd take the 2 stars off my jacket and give this product 7.
Published: Tue, 9/4/2012 by AT
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My favorite jacket
This is a terrific jacket. Soft but tough leather. Nice slim fit (which means you might want to go 1 up from your normal size). Warm plaid lining. And very reasonably priced. I live in SF and I'm wearing it to ride in December. It's great.
Published: Fri, 12/3/2010 by Ben Parker
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Fantastic Jacket
I've been wanting a Schott motorcycle jacket for years, and I finally decided to pull the trigger on one. I originally purchased the CAF1 because I wanted something a little different, but wasn't really satisfied with the look and fit of the Small I ordered it in. So I exchanged it for the 626 in a Medium, and I am so incredibly happy that I did. The Medium is a perfect fit, the jacket looks fantastic, and the exchange could not have gone more smoothly (I had the 626 within 3 days). For people looking for a good fit with some extra movement in the shoulders/arms, my advice would be to order a size up from what you would normally wear. My Medium is just a tad bit looser than snug, which is exactly what I was looking for. I am 5' 7", 145lbs, with wide shoulders, and I couldn't be more pleased with the Medium. Thank you, Schott!!!
Published: Sat, 9/14/2013 by Scott Lasser
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Very cool looking jacket
This truly is a great looking jacket. I feel like a rock star whenever I put it on. It's thinner than the 618 or 613 but still relatively thick and heavy duty. I'm sure this jacket will last a very long time. I bought a medium and most medium jackets fit me either well or a little baggy. I must say that the sizes in this particular model run a lot smaller than most other manufacturers. It's definitely a slim fit and for some reason, the armpit fits really tight. I could barely lift my arms. I'm hoping that it will stretch over time. Definitely order a size up if you want some space in your upper arm/armpit/shoulder area.
Published: Wed, 2/29/2012
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a review from a purely non-bike riding perspective
I want to preface this review by saying I plan for this to be very lengthy, as I struggled for a long time to find a lot of information on the 626 from a fashion perspective as I had no interest in wearing this jacket to ride a bike so I want to remedy that by providing as much information on this jacket as anyone could want, so if it comes off as nit picky it's because when I was looking to buy a leather jacket I wanted as much info as I could possibly get and I'm sure there are others out there like me.

First off, my body type so you have some context. I'm 5'9", ~128 lbs, 35" chest, 29.5" waist, with a runner/swimmer kind of build (aka very little fat). IMO I am a pretty good match for the body type this jacket is designed for (very slim, very into clothes). I wear an XS/34 in most brands outerwear and wear an XS in the 626.

I'm reviewing the A/W 2014 626, which is redesigned to have no stars on the epaulets, a bi-swing back, and the sleeve zippers are on the back and gusseted like most other Schott leather jackets.

The good:

This jacket overall fits very well. The sleeves hit right at the end of my wrist where it meets my hand, the jacket is just barely snug at the hips and waist (which is exactly what you want with a very fitted leather jacket). There is a little extra room in the chest which is strange because with a 35" chest I am pushing the bounds of a jacket designed for a 34" chest. I plan to put on another 5 lbs so I expect I'll fill the jacket out anyway. Shoulders fit just right, imo the jacket doesn't need the gusseted shoulders as once it's broken in the mobility should be just fine for casual wear but I personally like them. The sleeves are overall very slim, but I do think the upper arm around the bicep area could be slimmer (according to the excel spreadsheet they're 7.3 inches, I think they could easily lose half an inch, I compared to ToJ's equivalent size and the bicep is 6.5" on theirs), and just to note I have 12.75" biceps when flexing, I'm not big by any means but I think I'm pushing the limits on the size of biceps someone who is wearing an XS (aka 120 - 135 lbs) would have. The forearm and wrist I found to be perfect, it fit my wrist just right with the gusseted sleeves zipped all the way.

The waxy cowhide leather feels great. It does feel smooth to the touch with the waxy surface but you can feel how tough the leather is and it's nice and stiff at first and begins creasing beautifully right away. I can't wait to see how this jacket breaks in over the years. The leather with the plaid lining also breathes really well, the jacket iirc is around 6 lbs but I felt I could wear it in the 50s or maybe even low 60s if I wanted to.

The less good: As noted, this jacket is 26" long while the standard 613 and 618 are 24". And as the measurement spreadsheet shows (email Schott if you want one) the jackets from XS to L are all the same length. I have no idea why this is as literally no other jacket company I've ever seen does this. Vanson, Aero, Temple of Jawnz, etc all adjust the length as sizes go up and down. I think 26" is great to have as an option for people that are over 6' but there really is no reason to not have a "624", aka this exact jacket in the standard length. I plan to keep the jacket stock as I still think it looks good but I definitely wouldn't mind having the jacket be 2" shorter. I've seen the 519 recommended for those who want a slimmer jacket with a little less length but looking at the measurements spreadsheet that jacket has larger measurements in almost every dimension, and there is no XXS for me to size down to. For those that can that's an option worth looking into, as well as the PER2 which has the same issue of having larger measurements but if you size down should be quite slim.

Overall: If you're looking for the slimmest offering Schott has to offer, look no further, especially if you're over 6'. The leather, hardware and overall the fit are all spot on. If you have a particularly short torso the jacket will still look good on you but be wary if you specifically want a very cropped look.
Published: Wed, 6/18/2014 by Resign
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Best Schott I've owned so far...
I must say, I'm impressed with the product as of late. I've had Schott leathers on & off since I was a teenager (a long time ago:) & while the others were totally functional & quality, I never really fell in love with them. But that was then. This jacket, while I've only just purchased it, is a keeper. I grabbed a X-Small so it's got a nice snug fit & I love how the leather has a nice subtle but noticeable shine to it. And the lining is great too. It's got style. I've had a lot of leather jackets over the years, some better than other in different respects, but your always on the lookout for the "one". The perfect jacket that you'll keep forever & wouldn't trade it for anything. I think this might just be that jacket :)
Published: Sun, 4/28/2013 by James
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I absolutely love it
My first Schott jacket, and I love it. The right weight, texture and workmanship. Be warned though, I'm 5'6, thin and with practically no chest or shoulders, yet the size small is still very snug on me (hence the "fitted" I suppose). I'll need to break it in, but just something to consider when selecting your size. It's a real beauty though.
Published: Thu, 9/16/2010 by A. Salas
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Excellent jacket
This jacket is made with the highest quality standards, the leather is soft and very comfortable. The fit is perfect and i thank Jerri for help decide which size was better. I live in colombia and it was worth the waiting (2 weeks). Best jacket i have ever had!!!!
Published: Sat, 6/4/2011 by Javier Botero
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Got mine today,Light when compared to a 618 but not thin.Im 6'2" and was concerned about length,but the 26" fits just right.Im not sure if the lack of the leather flap behund the sleeve zippers is gonna bug be but should be an easy fix at the luggage repair if it does. Nice dress Perfecto for formal events.
Published: Sat, 12/11/2010 by richard james greene
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Nice light jacket
Nice light jacket Gail was great on getting me the right size. The jacket is very nice well made the only thing is I was disapointed that it did not have the leather sleeve gussets like a regular motorcycle jacket.
Published: Mon, 9/20/2010 by Gregory Schuh
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