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Hand Oiled Lightweight Naked Brown Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket with Plaid Cotton Lining 619

Material: Vintaged Cowhide

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26” vintaged oiled naked cowhide “Perfecto” jacket has plaid cotton lining and brass hardware. This rugged looking leather looks much heavier than it feels, it's actually much thinner and softer than our traditional naked or steerhide leathers. Union made in U.S.A.

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I went back and forth between a 626 and this 619 for a long while before I ordered it from a local Schott dealer. Even though I was not looking at either for personal protection - I'm pretty safe fron road rash unless I fall out of my truck - I didn't want a taxi jacket and "lightweight" leather sounds too much like lambskin to me. No thanks. And then there was the expense part. It was more expensive than the 626. On a soon to retire elementary school teacher's salary, it was a lot more expensive. Back and forth - a lot - till I finally worked out the cost to use ratio and decided that it would likely outlive me and that I was probably worth it anyway and the jacket was too. Got it last Saturday and it is. First off, its built and its beautiful. The construction is top-notch, the materials first-rate and the fit is right-on; like a glove. But it's not glove leather; its plenty thick enough and it has real heft. Its going to break in beautifully - its already started - and its going to really be that second skin that I've always looked for in a jacket. But nothing's perfect and if the powers that be are listening, hear me; the buckle doesn't do the jacket justice. Sometime back I read that the iconic wire grill on the 2014 Bentley (dream on, teacher!) isn't steel any longer, its coated plastic. For me, the buckle on this jacket is like that; it isn't solid. But thats my only gripe. Otherwise this is a beautiful bit of American workmanship and on that I am glad I bought and proud to wear. Good job, folks. And thank you.
Published: Tue, 4/22/2014 by Geoffrey K. Watkins
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