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G-1 Wings of Gold Leather Bomber Jacket G1TG

Material: French Antique Lambskin

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The first aviators adopted leather as their material of choice because of it's durability, warmth, and good looks. In the spirit of American individualism, American soldiers preferred to decorate their leather bomber jackets with unit patches, nicknames and paintings. This heavily decorated 27" G1 flight jacket is made in thick supple antique lambskin, with detachable fur collar. The outside patches are authentic replicas of those worn by aviators. The detailed liner tells the story of the coveted "Wings of Gold", a rigorous two year flight school training program to which Naval Aviators are subjected. This jacket is imported.

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Absolute Perfection!
This has to be the coolest jacket I've ever seen - and this coming from someone who now owns FIVE Schott Jackets (one parka, one Melton wool Peacoat, two leather peacoats and this magnificent piece of work).

No exaggeration - this jacket is one true beauty right out of the box! The second I took it out of the box, a colleague walked by and complimented it...and I hadn't even tried it on yet! The patches are the icing on the cake, but at the same time they do not overtake the beauty of the jacket itself. The lambskin leather is perfect and actually looks aged right from the start.

Many thanks to Jerri for helping me choose the right size - what I feared would be too small actually fit me perfectly! So many, many thanks to her and to Schott in general!

A lifelong customer
Published: Thu, 3/8/2012 by Chris Sutter
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
G1 top gun leather jacket
Awesome jacket extremely well made, super soft leather. Really warm.
Published: Wed, 4/22/2009 by David Charters
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