Leather Flight Jacket

G-1 Leather Flight Jacket G1S

Material: French Antique Lambskin

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The G-1 has been the primary leather flight jacket for Naval Aviators dating back to the 1920's. Marine Aviators, who received their training under Navy direction, also wore the G-1. For a period of time after beginning late into WWII, the G-1 leather flight jacket was even supplied to Army airmen. This 27" thick supple antique lambskin G-1 jacket has a detachable sheepskin collar, two-way front pockets, an intricate lining depicting the story of "Wings of Gold". This jacket is imported.

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made 4 me
great look and feel and a perfect fit driving the roadster. well insulated but not too hefty warming so you feel comfy also when driving a sporty style. recommended.
Published: Sat, 4/18/2009 by michael e - zurich
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Tutto ok
Hi! Io ne ho tre e sono ottimi!
Continuate così.
Saluti from Italy!
Published: Sat, 2/9/2013 by Alessandro Pantaleoni
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