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Faux Fur Collar attachment

Faux Fur Collar for Schott Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jackets 618M


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Enhance the cool factor of your Schott Perfecto leather motorcycle jacket with this faux fur collar attachment. The first motorcycle jackets were very similar to flight bomber jackets, and the fur collar on motorcyle jackets dates back many decades. Schott stopped making the collar in the 1980's, and we even went so far as to remove the visible snap on the back of our Perfectos for a short time. Eventually, due to requests from purists, we added back the snap, and soon after began making the collar again. (Hopefully this will answer some of the many questions we receive about why there is a snap on the back of our Perfectos.) This collar fits styles 118, 125, and 618. Please note the sizing relates to style 618, so if ordering for a 118 or 125 please order one size larger than the jacket.

Practical accessory
Just received my faux fur collar for my 118. Ordered it Thursday Sept. 27th and received it Tuesday Oct. 2, fast delivery for ground shipping. Fits perfectly according to size so if you have a size 40 jacket, order a size 40 collar. The only I added to the collar was to carefully make cut outs where the snaps line up on the collar so then I'm able to fully snap down the collar edges to the jacket and it will keep them from flapping around when I'm out riding. Other than that, it's an excellent accessory to the jacket and it helps out to block the cold wind from blowing into the jacket!
Published: Tue, 10/2/2012 by Arnel Fernandez
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Indispensable pour un perfecto!
very pleasant to wear. A perfecto needs a fur collar.
très agréable à porter. Indispensable pour un perfecto.
Thank you.
Published: Tue, 10/27/2009 by LPG
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fake fur? Whatever!!
hey, just wanted to finish an awesome jacket. I've got it, I love it, I don't know if I'll use it. Do not pass up a chance to own a Schott Perfecto.
Published: Sun, 9/20/2009 by PHB
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