Striped Leather Jacket

Easy Rider Striped Leather Motorcycle Jacket 671

Material: Deluxe Heavy Steerhide

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Men's 26" Steerhide Easy Rider Motorcycle Leather Jacket, accented with Red,White, and Blue Racing stripes on front and sleeve. Jacket features zip-out pile liner, polyester lining, bi-swing back, underarm footballs, and adjustable side buckles. Made in U.S.A.

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Easy Ridin/safe ridin
I have tried a ton of jackets in my brief career of riding, always have to either lose style and gain protection or lose protection and gain style- or worse look like a sportbike rider when you are riding a vintage classic etc- then i realized there was another choice- SCHOTT- I love the fact that these jackets are made in USA we need more of this and I agree completely- YOU CAN TELL the quality over imports- it shows that SCHOTT is designing these for safety and function- the jacket was hard to break in but all the while being well constructed, and gaining character as I did so- I only bought it 2 months ago and it is fitting better every day- when i ride it feels RIGHT! this is better than any other- and the service in sizing from Gail is something you dont find anyplace! sure the price is high buit it is a situation where you get what you pay for and it will last a long time from what i read and can tell- I ordered the pants after long hard thought and imagine they will also be worth my using my savings in this horrible economy but safety allows me to ride longer and more so GO FOR IT- i love the patriotic side too of the Easy Rider as it has the red,whire and blue and I am all for supporting that!
Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Ryan Can- Vermont
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Schott quality is better than knock-off quantity!
I recently bought a knock-off of this jacket on ebay. I think the seller may have taken a picture of the Schott jacket for the auction. When I got the knock-off it did not match the picture. I was so mad, I decided to order the real thing from Schott. Wow! What a difference! The Schott Easy Rider Jacket is the greatest! I have been dreaming about this jacket since I was six years old. I had a plastic one when I was twelve and taped stripes and an American flag on it. Now I have a real one and it fits like a glove. The jacket is heavier than expected, very well made, the detail is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me realize a boyhood dream! I am so pleased that I will order the Perfecto One Star Jacket soon.
Published: Wed, 5/13/2009 by Rick B. Carter
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Great Product, Great Service
I bought the Easy Rider online after looking for quite a while at different jackets. I had a few questions about payment and sizes, Gail helped me out and followed up consistently.
I assumed that shipping would take forever as I am in Canada, my jacket was shipped to my door in 1 business day!! OUTSTANDING!!
The quality of this garment is second to none. Thank you Gail and thank you Schottnyc!!
Published: Thu, 4/3/2008 Mike Price
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I recently purchased the Easy Rider Jacket and can easily say it is the finest Motorcycle Jacket I have ever purchased. I recently rode my bike on a chilly evening and couldn't believe the performance of the jacket. The sleeves are longer than ass clown jackets made for fashion not function, and the waist doesn't ride up your back if your bike is equipped with 18 inch ape-hangers like mine is. I may buy another jacket just so I can put this one in a closet since it will definately be a collectors item.

Be careful with this jacket since it is not recommended for bashful people. People have stopped and asked "where did you get that jacket" upon numerous occasions in a convenience store or even at my favorite watering hole.

Finally, the jacket sells itself given the fact that it is Union Made in the USA. I verified this with some friends of mine in Elizabeth, NJ. NO, I didn't get paid by the company to write this and they even shipped a heavy duty hanger with the jacket so it wont get dorked up while hanging. If you are serious about a jacket...this is a serious jacket!
Published: Wed, 9/23/2009 by Dan Rowland
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Not cheap but well worth the money
Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know I think your Easy Rider Jackets are the hippest, coolest, highest quality, best looking jackets around. I have both now. The leather one is so much better than the Kerr Leathers version. Better leather, better made, higher quality. I sold my Kerr jacket for more money than what I paid for it. I thought it was cheaply made and an eyesore.

I have been a big fan of Peter Fonda and that movie Easy Rider for years. I built 2 of my own Captain Americas a few years ago that are actually better bikes and much higher quality than the one seen in that movie. Thank you guys very much for such high quality jackets to match.

I am seriously considering a pair of your leather pants as well. All the pants I looked at were cheap! Cheap looking! And about as crummy as the people who made them. Even the Harley Davidson leather pants are not what i am looking for. Cheap and way too thin. I understand they are supposed to be the best ones out there. I really like the fit and the look of the seams of the classic fitted leather pants at leatherup.com. But the leather itself of the pants is cheap looking and wont hold up long.

Published: Thu, 4/26/2007 by Harry M
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Easy rider
Just got my Easy Rider today in Australia. Fantastic jacket.
The sizing runs true, which was my biggest worry, as I am no fashion waif and a chunky size 48. Its fits beautifully. The footballs etc allow plenty of arm movement, which is great for the bike. Te liner is soft and warm, the leather is fantastic.
I bloody love this jacket..........
Great product, and will be buying my second jacket as soon as I can decide which one.......great, prompt customer service from Jerri re sizing and info, thanks guys.....
Published: Wed, 1/2/2013 by Ben evenden
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I was not expecting the coat to be so heavy duty, awesome surpise! It is easily the best jacket I've ever owned. It wasn't cheap but it was well worth the money paid.
Published: Sat, 7/28/2012 by kurdt94@aol.com
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Easy Riding
Having received excellent advice from Jerri on the best size I ordered my Easy Rider 671 Jacket on Monday evening UK time and received my order before noon today Thursday, can't beat that for service!
The Jacket is everything I hoped for and one I have wanted since as a teenager I first saw Peter Fonda wear it when Easy Rider came out. In reviews I read the high price was mentioned but I believe you get what you pay for and I have no doubt this jacket will give me many years of pleasure to wear whether its riding my HOG or in the pub. Thank you Jerri and thank you Schott now all I need are the leather pants so watch this space!
GlennMac Cambs. UK
Published: Thu, 6/7/2012 by Glenn MacRoberts
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I found my Easy Rider in the back of a motorcycle shop that was going out of business... I tried it on and it fit like a glove. This jacket is what I wear to ride, I wear it to hang out with my buddies and when I drop the kids off at school. This jacket means business in ever sense of the word. I was riding home the other night in a light rain that turned into sleet and hail. The little dime sized hail bounced off my hand as it made a fist wrapped around the throttle and I couldn't help but shoot a little smile at the sky... I was warm, my body was dry and I didn't feel a thing.

To say that this is the nicest jacket that I have ever owned is an understatement... It is a tool as much as a fashion statement. I hate to take it off... I would wear it to bed if my girl wasn't snuggled up in it already.
Published: Fri, 10/14/2011 by Robthelucky
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easy rider leather motorcycle jacket
i am very happy wihth merchandise!a very nice jacket and excellent quality.waou waou i placed my order on a monday night and had the jacket on thurshay,i a m brussels(belgium)!the leather its the great quality!!its my second jacket leather us740n peajacket by schott the first its from europe!!!!thank you schottnyc!!by pascal belgium
Published: Wed, 11/25/2009 by pascal
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Beatiful jacket, excellent service
A very nice jacket and excellent quality. Product arrived only a couple of days (in Norway) after I ordered it. When deciding for this jacket Gail was very helpful in determining the correct size. A very good shopping experience.
Published: Mon, 9/28/2009 by Harald (Norway)
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Excellent Service.
I placed my order on a Tuesday night and had the jacket on Thursday, I'm in Toronto. Great service, great product. I have 5 leather jackets and this is my prized 6th. Thanks
Published: Thu, 9/3/2009 by Kevan Houlihan
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Easy Rider Striped Leather Motorcycle Jacket
The jacket quality is superior. It was specially designed for riding and that is an accomplish goal: it fits perfect (thank Gail!) and it is very comfortable to wear.

The service was perfect: I made the order thought the web and Monday, and received the jacket, in Spain, on Thursday

I was only disappointed to see that the jacket has no inside pocket (besides a small pocket to be found in the liner that in Spain, will be not be using anyway)
Published: Wed, 4/15/2009 by Deng
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Nice Jackets
Hi everyone, I purchased a B3 and the Easyrider with Gails assistance. I have been wearing the B3 in the cold weather (around zero with the wind lately) and I can tell you that I have never had a warmer jacket! I didnt feel cold (except my head and legs) at all! I highly recommend the B3 to all if you are looking for a quality WARM jacket.

The easyrider is great as well! Love it! These are the nicest jackets I have ever owned.
Published: Mon, 1/21/2008 by Jersey Johnny
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