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Dunstall 91280

Material: Wax Coated Cotton

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28" Waxed cotton front zip touring jacket with leather yoke trim.
-Multi pocket details
-Plaid flannel lining
-Shoulder yoke detail
-Corduroy lined collar with tap closure

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almost a perfect jacket
this is my second schott jacket. i have been looking for a good quality waxed cotton moto jacket for a while, and was happy to see schott introduce this number.

this isn't one of the USA union made jackets, though, and that shows a bit in the craftsmanship. it took a while to get one that fit well enough to keep. before ordering, i called the offices to find out how the fit of this jacket compared to the CAF1 vintaged steerhide racer, my other schott jacket, and damn near perfect. i was told that like the CAF1, this jacket is slim cut, so i ordered an XL, which is what i wear in the CAF1. the jacket that arrived fit more like a XXL, though, especially through the chest and upper arms, so i returned it for a L. when that one came, i couldn't even get it closed, much less zip it up - it fit more like a medium. so i sent that one back, too, and reordered an XL. the second XL fit much better, but still nowhere near as proper as the CAF1. while the process of getting it right was a pain, i have to say that the staff at schott were exceptionally helpful and friendly throughout the process.

in terms of the styling, i love nearly everything about this jacket. i like the zip cuffs on the sleeves and the adjustable buckles on the sides, the rugged zippers, as well as the corduroy-lined collar. having all those pockets is also a plus; i was a little worried that there might be pocket overkill, but as i've worn this jacket more, i've found that most of the pockets get fairly regular use.

i dislike leather shoulders, though; they're not a deal breaker for me, but they seem inconsistent with the rest of the jacket's styling (and not in a good way). i'll probably eventually try to have the jacket modified to have shoulder patches put on instead, like those on a belstaff trialmaster or similar classic waxed cotton moto jackets. finally, although the XL that i finally settled on fits well enough, i still wish it had a trimmer fit particularly through the chest and upper arms, so i'll probably have that altered at some point, too. still, for the price point, these drawbacks are pretty small potatoes,a nd overall, i'm very happy with this jacket; i'd like to see schott design something similar, without insulation, for use in spring and fall.
Published: Fri, 1/18/2013 by Joshua Thomas
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