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Double Breasted Military Leather Jacket

Double Breasted Military Leather Jacket 650

Material: Naked Cowhide

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Men's double breasted military cowhide leather jacket with metal star buttons and wool twill lining. This jacket is made in the USA. With smooth leather and durable construction the jacket will wear well over time, and the classic features ensures it will never go out of style. For a size large, the back length measures 32 inches, this is a slim fitting garment.

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Fantastic Jacket, tight fit
Jacket arrived yesterday. Top quality, fantastic jacket, and customer service second to none.

Many thanks for all your help.

PS. The only note I would make. I am 42 inch chest measurement and the jacket fits me perfectly. Your web site indicates that the large size is a 42 - 44 inch chest. However I think someone with a 44 inch chest might find it a bit of a tight fit.
Published: Sat, 3/29/2008 by Andy
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Beautiful Jacket, Poor Quality Stitching on Buttons
I love this jacket. The look, feel, and comfort of it are second to none, and I have been wearing it all the time since I got it about two months ago. The jacket is about medium in terms of warmth and is perfect for the weather where I live which is generally in the 30s in the winter.

My only complaint is that during the two months that I've had it, FIVE of the buttons have fallen off. Fortunately I didn't lose any of them, and I was able to sew them back on. The quality of the button stitching makes me wonder if this jacket was really made in the USA. It's a shame because otherwise it's a wonderful jacket.

[Schott NYC Comment - there was a problem a couple of years ago with a batch of buttons for this jacket that left the buttons rough enough to wear through the thread. For most of the jackets, we were able to catch the problem before it got out, but it sounds to me as if somehow these buttons somehow ended up on your jacket, and I apologize. We are attempting to contact you to help resolve this issue so that it won't happen again. I assure you the jacket was made here in NJ!]
Published: Tue, 1/18/2011 by Andrew Hamilton
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My fabulous Peacoat
I finally received my leather peacoat from schott. And what can I say about the quality in this product. real rich, dark medium shine in the leather.And the weight of the jacket I love(real heavy like). I know I'm going to be getting alot of compliments on it...Very pleased consumer....Last thing customer service was great, had a couple of questions for Gail about the coat, she was never unknowlegable.. And my jackect shipped within two days as mentioned.. Thank you!! Sept,15, 2010 Boney out of St.Louis Mo.
Published: Mon, 9/20/2010 by Boney
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The Buttons...
The buttons are too hard to thread... they are concave and thin, making it hard to get the jacket on and off.... If it were not for the buttons, this would be a truly exceptional jacket, the leather is heavy, yet supple, and the cut of the garment is very flattering. Too bad about the buttons, or this would be a five star piece.
As an afterthought this would be an interesting gaarment to see rendered as a full length trench-style coat....
Published: Tue, 8/11/2009 by R. Igoe
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A second skin !!!
I wonder give a 5 stars but unfortunately I had a little problem with buttons falling just after one week of use. Gail acted perfectly in order to repair this inconvenience.

Except this very small problem, I can fully recommand this coat. Perfect size, hard leather perfect quality, this coat holds you very pleasantly warm even by very cold weather.

A last word about the style : definitively wonderful, surely able to cross over the fashions ... Perennially fashionable !!!
Published: Mon, 2/23/2009 by LAHARY
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best jacket in my life
Thank you for this jacket! It's difficult to find it in Moscow, but i did it. I'm happy.
It would be better to open your shop in Russia (for example in Moscow).
Published: Mon, 11/10/2008 Adamovich Alex
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Just received, completely pleased.
Received this jacket this morning, a beautiful early summer type day. Because of this coat I'm actually happy the weather is supposed to dip and be cold for a few days next week.

Mine is a custom and it fits impeccably. What a beautiful coat and a great style. Like a pea coat but much more stylish and distinctive. Great job Schott, keep the designs like this coming. Raid your archives for more gems like this.
Published: Fri, 4/25/2008 John Immesoete
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Jacket received this morning
It is fantastic! Thank you for your excellent customer support provided.
Published: Tue, 3/25/2008 by Chris Scott
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Free delivery and fast! Ordered Monday, wore it Friday. From New York to Blaine WA during a major snow storm! Very cool jacket!. My wife’s comment: “It’s a chick-magnet”. I’m okay with that. :-) As for the leather, not too heavy, medium weight. Nice shiny leather with lots of fine natural cowhide grain. Quite soft too, buttons are easy to undo and do up. Sturdy smart looking buttons. (Although I replaced mine with genuine Canadian Navy brass buttons - now the jacket is super-cool). My chest measures 43”, I ordered size L and the fit is perfect. Awsome jacket for walk-abouts if you don’t own a submarine Many thanks Schott.
Published: Sun, 3/17/2013 by Henning Riebe
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Sweet jacket
Own several Schott jackets and this one is becoming one of my favorites. I feel like a "goodfella" whenever I put it on. Very good quality and nicely made.
Published: Sun, 4/15/2012
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Superior Leather Jacket
This is, I think, the fifth or sixth leather jacket I have owned in my life. While I have to agree with some of the comments on this page regarding fit and button issues I have to say the Schott 650 coat is one of the very finest leather jackets I have ever owned and certainly tops the list for style.

When I tried it on the first time my fiancé had me turn around 360 degrees. She paused for a long while and then breathily said "Wow... that... is... SHARP!" (just like that).

I have had it for almost a year and, yes, I did have button issues. However, the customer service at Schott is indeed excellent and I had it back in about a week, better than new!

The jacket is par excellence. It's warm, tough and timelessly cut. I can only think of a handful of American companies that still make a product as well as this.

So while some adjustment was in order the quality and style more than makes up for it. I feel like a celebrity every time I put it on.
Published: Tue, 2/14/2012 by Duncan McCulloch
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Great jacket, but size down if you're slender
Great heavy duty a jacket w/ perfect retro look. It would have been better if the coat was slimmer around the waist. I'm a slender guy w/ 38 chest & I had to go w/ XS (about 34). So, if you have small waist, go down a size. Might be a little difficult to move around, but after dozen/s of wear, they'll break in nicely :)
Published: Thu, 10/27/2011 by Jimmy Cha
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U-boot captain jacket
got my jacket a few weeks ago. It is beautiful. But І faced with the problem. My breast size 43.3 inches.I am an athlete, lean. Online Store Service gave me advice to buy XL size. When I tried on a jacket found in the breast that he was really perfect, but the waist was too wide and I had to go to the tailor, to reduce its size in the waist, and to remove excess skin behind the shoulders. Now he sits on me perfectly. My advice - if your breast volume exceeds 43 inches take XL size, but please be aware of the fact that in the absence of your stomach, you may encounter problems with the width at the waist, and without correction, this jacket will not be tightly encircle the torso, as shown in the advertising picture.
Published: Sat, 9/3/2011 by Vadym Hubenko
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The ultimate super jacket!

I have been looking for a leather peacoat for many years (20-25) and I came across Schott's on the internet about 1.5 years ago. Ever since I wanted to buy the 740 Peacoat, bu I was afraid to get the wrong size. Anyway, I travelled through New York a month ago, and was directed by friendly Gail to Dave's NY in order to try the jacket on, and I ended up with the 650 Peacoat. It has now been tested in Norway, in snow, far below freezing, in hail, storm winds and all kinds of adverse weather. Today I am in Trondheim and we have had around freezing and 50 knots winds the last days;

This is, by far, the most incredibly warm, windproof, best fitting and highest quality jacket I have ever worn. I have also had a lot of nice comments about it. Schott's: THANK YOU.
This jacket's looks and quality is like a famous watch slogan: "You don't own this jacket, you are allowed to take care of it for the generations to come.

Best regards and a VERY satified customer

Captain Morgan
Published: Wed, 3/23/2011 by Morgan van Ekstrom-Ahlby
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This Coat is Beautiful...I'm a 38 regular..
Not only is this coat timeless, it is also very well made. I wanted it to fit tight so I ordered a Small. I am a perfect 38 regular. I suggest that if you want to use the inside and outside pockets to carry things you order a size 40. I didn’t care. As Fernando would say “It’s better to look good than to Feel Good! You know what I’m saying to you Darling!” When you first get the coat the buttons are hard to fasten but wants you do them a few times they get easier….Bottom line is I love this coat…..I am 56 years old and doubt I will have replace it due to it’s quality. It definitely has that Twilight look going on!
Published: Tue, 11/9/2010 by George Cavender
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Perfect for Beijing
I bought this jacket for winter in Beijing and North East Asia. I am completely pleased with it.

This part of the world men posture their black leather jackets with pride so it is nice to be able to wear a truly American product and take pride in the quality.

Schott size table is classic as well so make sure you know your true measurements before you order.
Published: Mon, 10/4/2010 by lyman glenn brock
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What an amazing jacket.
I had a bit of trouble getting this coat. First, I ordered the size L - if you have a 44-inch chest like I do, don't. Go for the XL. The fit is JUST tight enough as to be annoying. What with transit time and then finding out the XLs were backordered....

... until late January! That is, until the EXCELLENT and UNPARALLELED customer service at Schott's found one for me in the warehouse, and sent it. Too bad my leasing office forgot to let me know the package had arrived! It stayed there a week! My own fault on that, I guess, for I could have checked.

I have now had this jacket for a day. It is, BY FAR, the best clothing product I have ever owned. Forget favorite shirts and the like - this is such a superior garment that I almost WANT to wear it all the time!

Here are my practical notes -

The fit is tight, and feels good that way.

The jacket is HEAVY. It has some heft to it. Very different from my previous leather coat, which was also a softer leather.

The leather is tight. It will definitely require time to break in.

It looks extremely sharp, and it is extremely well made. I can't say enough about how impressive the manufacture of this coat is.

Now alls I need are some goggles and a white scarf.
Published: Thu, 12/17/2009 by Joe
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Improve your love life
Sadly, I am no longer single. But, if I were, this jacket would be very helpful in keeping me busy. First of all, the fit and finish of the jacket is outstanding. Very heavy material, a very tight stitching. Fits nice and tight. Pay attention to the size charts. I wear a 38R and the size Small was perfect. Normally, I wear a medium, but the size charts suggested differently. Whenever I wear this coat, I get lots of looks from women and a couple guys have asked me where I bought it. Anyways, just buy this coat, it's second to none. I love it.
Published: Fri, 11/27/2009 by Andrew in Chicago
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Great Jacket - This is the one
Had mine a month or so now - its absolutely great - classic design - great slim fit - I went for the large - Im a 40inch chest - Im not fat Im not thin and its perfect fit. The quality really is expectional - if it was stolen Id buy it again without a doubt - and Ive had a few looks in it so I keep an eye on it in the bar. Great service from Gail too - Really impressed all around
Published: Mon, 11/23/2009
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quality plus!
Another example of american worker craftsmanship. What more can I add? The jacket is beautiful. Thanks to Gail for all her help.
Published: Wed, 11/18/2009 by Jim
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Worth the Wait
I ordered the jacket on Oct 18 and got it Nov 9. Got bumped once on the list. Once arrived it was worth the wait. The detail is excellent and got a lot of compliments. Schott does listen to customers, I saw the rear view of the jacket posted and the buttons are reinforced. There was a posting that the buttons would come off. The fitted cut feels great. I can see why there was a waiting list. Gail was excellent in handling my order.

Marco Santiago
Alexandria Virginia
Published: Tue, 11/17/2009 by Marco Santiago
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Military double breasted jacket review
Seems to be very well made. Smooth high quality leather, I don't like jackets with bumpy grain so I was please with this jacket. The only caveat is the buttons. They are thin metal and are uncomfortable to button because of the sharp edge.

Overall I'm proud to buy an American made product and I'm very pleased with the jacket
Published: Tue, 7/14/2009 by Pete
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Perfect product!
Perfect product!
Published: Wed, 5/6/2009 by Chris Tsikoyas
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Military Jacket
This is an excellent jacket. It delivers everything it promises with a great mix of design and durability. Its heavy and tough and a rare gem in a world of contemporary clothing that tends to be delicate, shallow and often poorly made.
Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Richard Curran
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The American leather by Schott N.Y.C.
I just received my double breasted military leather jacket..and my friend, it's the most beautiful and gorgeous leather's jacket i've ever worn.Im thinking of buying an oher one in the case of..!! Thanks Gail for your advise..There's a lucky man here in Belgium.
Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Jean-Fr.
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Incredible jacket, incredible fit. Superior quality. Great value. Made in America. Can't get any better than that! WELL DONE and thank you!
Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by SRF
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This WICKED COAT just arrived yesterday. I own many SCHOTT jackets and coats, but this coat is THE WICKEDEST! THANKS SCHOTT!
Published: Thu, 3/26/2009 by Charles Jaimes
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Great Coat!
Dear Gail
I received coat this morning.
what a nice coat!
I am so happy!
Many thanks for all your help.

Atsushi Imaeda from Japan
Published: Fri, 3/20/2009 by Atsushi Imaeda from Japan
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BLT - Built Like a Tank
Last coat you will ever have to buy. Made to last a lifetime. This double breated military-style jacket is an absolute must for any urban street fighter, or just your average big city dweller. Weighs a ton but that's the cost of wearing grass fed body armor. Protects you against the elements as well as errant blows from cab doors or rude subway riders. Jacket has a slim fit and great shape. Best of all: Made in the USA. One of the few things this country can produce and call world class.
Published: Tue, 1/27/2009 by Charles Bennis
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One year Later
I have had this Jacket for a year now and I can honestly say this is one of the best jackets I have ever purchased. The weight, the quality, and fit are all exceptional. I get complements all the time and living in New England I can speak to the warmth. The jacket is breaking in nicely but will need to get another year of wear to make it “my own” (the leather is that heavy). It is just starting to get that broken in feel. All stitching and button sewing are holding up great (common problems in heavy leathers with buttons). I rate this jacket five stars hands down.

Buy Schott’s and you get good old fashion American quality, something rare these days. Schott sets the bar and I feel like I own a piece of American History. They have a customer for life.
Published: Sat, 10/25/2008 Thomas Davis
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the coolest leather coat ever made
in this universe of cool this coat is the emperors robe.................plus schott quality, if u find one in your size don't buy it , buy another cheepie brand coat...I want to keep this a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Published: Thu, 10/2/2008 Joseph Pace
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