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Cowhide Fitted Peacoat 640F

Material: Naked Cowhide

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This 32" light weight cowhide fitted peacoat has satin lining. Made in U.S.A.

Beautiful sturdy classic jacket
Went into a store in NYC looking for something else, then saw this in brown. Tried it on and was blown away by how good it really looked on me. The shiny coating on the jacket really makes it superb. The leather is thick and durable. Actually got a size smaller than normal and it looked even sharper.
Published: Mon, 3/5/2012
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Another superb Schott design and product!
Schott has once again outdone themselves with another fine fitted coat. Incredible jacket, incredible fit. Superior quality. Great value. Made in America. Can't get any better than that! WELL DONE and thank you!
Published: Tue, 10/27/2009 by SRF
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Best regards from Germany.
Good day from Europe,

after I have bought a 'Double Breasted Military Leather Jacket' in black during my visit to New York a couple of weeks ago have gone on your web site and looking after a brown Peacoat and found the 'Cowhide Fitted'. Have ordered and received the Jacket in very good condition via UPS within a couple of days.

I am wearing the Jacket since than and being happy with both the 'Double Breasted' and the 'Cowhide Fitted'. Only remark is that the colour around the button whole using to close the 'Cowhide Fitted Peacoat' is going away very soon.

But wearing the 'Cowhide Fitted Peacoat' during autumn in North Europe a excellent and if the winter arrives I will swap to the 'Double Breasted' which is also excellent quality, fitting and looking.

Can only recommend Schott Jackets.

Beste regards from Hamburg in Germany,
Rudi Kranz.
Published: Thu, 10/22/2009 by Ruediger Kranz
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