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Classic Schott Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Horsehide 641HH

Material: Horsehide

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Our most popular silhouette, men's classic 26 inch Schott Perfecto cafe racer motorcycle leather jacket in heavy horsehide features underarm footballs, bi-swing back and fixed quilted lining. Suitable for riding or wearing around town. The special characteristics of this leather result in a smooth, consistent finish. Notice the huge single piece back panel! This jacket is Union made in the USA by UNITE HERE Local 169. This is a tight fitting jacket; we recommend ordering 1 size larger than your suit size.

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Here's thanking the horse that gave up the ghost for this brilliant work of art
If you think the title of this review is a joke, then you're dead wrong. It's not. I couldn't be more serious. Actually, the title of this review is a toast. I have already drunk a glass of very good Pinot Noir in honor of the blessed horse that made my jacket possible. In fact, I hope the beast is running through a field of barley and clover in some parallel universe right now.

This Horse Hide motorcycle jacket is the kind of thing a man can wait his whole life to find . . . and then never find it.

Thank heaven that I am not so unfortunate.

Today in a leather shop in Old Town, I tried the jacket on for the first time. I almost did not recognize the man who blinked back at me in the mirror. My shoulders instantly reminded me of how I looked at 19 years old when I was lifting weights every other day, swimming, and playing rugby.

I ride my 2009 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle every chance I get. The bike is satin black, and this HH jacket looks like it was made to go with vintage lines of the tank and handlebars. Triumph should use an HH Schott Motorcycle jacket in next year's catalog for sure. Perhaps I will send Triumph's top brass a letter to that effect.

The jacket has also given me an incentive to loose my pot gut (about 30 lbs) just to fit perfectly into such a magnificent piece of craftsmanship and do it justice. This said, I still fit into it fine, and with a black shirt on, it makes me look 20 lbs lighter when it is open, and quite slim when it is zipped up.

All I can say about this bloody brilliant jacket is this: If you have a half-way rugged set of shoulders (even if they are offset by a few too many pounds in your midsection) BUY THE JACKET. However, if your waist is wider than your shoulders, don't do it. The jacket is not for you. It will make you look like an ornamental pear decked in leather. Basically, it magnifies whatever is there and makes it look much much better. But if there is nothing to work with, then no. For instance, on the other side of the spectrum, if you are a mere waif of a man, then wearing this jacket would also look absurd and even pitiful.

I stepped into a restaurant with my wife earlier this evening, and then into the bank, on our way home. People were DEFINITELY noticing the jacket. That never happens to me. Ever.

I am going to buy another Schott Jacket soon. Jesus. This one makes me feel invincible. Tough as Roman leather suit of armor. Very soon, I know it will fit my shoulders as well as my favorite set of motorcycle gloves fit over my knuckles when I pull back the clutch.

The "football" cut under the arms is magical. For a jacket this heavy, the underarms allow for an amazing range of motion without looking strange when one is standing straight upright.

Even if you don't ride a motorcycle, you will love the range of motion and freedom from having your pits pinched when wearing this HH motorcycle jacket.

Bloody brilliant work, Schott. Whoever designed the cut of this jacket deserves a toast, as well. Cheers. Bloody bleeding brilliant.
Published: Thu, 12/8/2011 by Siggi
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Simply the BEST!!!
Simply the best motorcycle jackets out there in the US market. Quality is outstanding & the look is just fabulous. Also the v-shape torso makes it look great on slender guys. Got numerous compliments from all groups of people.
Leather takes some time to break in though. When I first got this jacket, it felt like wearing a medieval armor as I could hardly move... But the problem was solved after about a dozen wear.
Published: Thu, 10/27/2011 by Jimmy
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Loyalty in your quality
I ride motorcycles...Period.
When I purchased my Harley this year I needed quality riding gear to go with it. In the dealership I saw hundreds of Jackets on the rack and began picking out the right one for me. When I inspected the tags I noticed a recurring theme...Made in Pakistan. Not just the fact that they were made overseas in some desert sweat shop, but the fact that a motor company synonymous with the freedom of the AMERICAN road would out source their gear from Pakistan, caused me to look elsewhere. After weeks of searching I came across Schott and set my sight on this jacket.
As I am currently in Afghanistan working hard for OUR side I felt proud to buy from Schott. Almost 100 years of quality service and tough leathers backed by actual American workers in America gives me a sense of security. Also when I placed my order I received a discount due to my military service overseas. Schott not only thanked me by making a quality product that will possibly save my life one day, but they thanked me for all my efforts over here.
After four years in Iraq and one year in Afghanistan, I've become disenchanted with many things back home. It is a pleasure to know that there are still great people like Schott who are dedicated to us as Americans.
Schott, keep doing what you are doing for us. Don't ever change. You are an American institution. The sons of foreign immigrants, who came to this country for a better life and managed to develop a reputation like this and keep it for almost 100 years. One word...awesome.
And by the way, the jacket is by far the best leather I've ever had my hands on. The fit, size and slick nature of the horsehide leather are exactly what I was looking for. It feels like iron and wears like a glove.
Danner boots, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Schott Jackets and me.....American Legends!!
Published: Mon, 9/5/2011 by chance caskey
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Simply Amazing!!
If I had a nickel for every compliment that I have received in a weekend...
my next purchased would probably be a Ferrari! This jacket is truly amazing.
The look, the feel, the craftsmanship and construction. KILLER!! I'm starting to look for another Schott jacket right about NOW!!
Published: Sun, 11/29/2009 by A. Paul Brown
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The 641 Out of the Park
I recently purchased the 641HH. This is another beautiful work of art by Schott, an American company, by which many products are produced by fellow Americans. I applaud Schott and my fellow Americans. Americans rock.

You like that last period don't you? The 641 is very impressive. The horsehide is elegant. Horsehide has a completely different personality vs. cowhide. Both are beautiful. Both are of the same value and beauty. Both are simply different. Horsehide is very tough - an awesome leather. It has very unique wrinkling. It smells different. The finish is different. I love it. I appreciate it. I value it. The Schott horsehide finish is awesome. It has a shine, and a very unique feel of the leather. The design of the 641 is very well executed.

I appreciate ALL of the features, classic of Schott, such as bi-swing shoulders and one piece back. The 641 cafe is just so freaking cool. It is very streamlined and simplified. I am a typical Large and size 42, and as recommended, I ordered one size up as recommended, and it fits perfectly.

I currently own the 689HH and true to form, one size up fits perfectly. The 689 is gorgeous.

The lining of the 641 is very minimal, so I don't understand the whining of a fellow reviewer. The lining is a minimal quilted diamond pattern with minimal padding.

Is any thing perfect? Is anything man-made perfect? Perfect is in the eye of the beholder. This beholder of the Perfecto 641HH says without question: Yes. This work of art is perfect. The people who designed this work. The material, made by Perfection. The execution: Perfect. Beautiful. Extraordinary. Art. Beauty. Function.

Get one.
Published: Wed, 8/20/2014 by RacerX
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Wonderful Jacket!
The 641HH is my first Schott jacket, and I am very impressed with it. It's beautifully made is very sturdy and comfortable! I look forward to wearing this jacket on many motorcycle rides!
Published: Sun, 7/10/2011 by RNC
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My Fifth Schott
This will be my fifth Schott puchase. I have bought a J213 - Perf-Trimmed Lightweight Lambskin Cafe Racer Jacket and a 135 - Casual Weekend Pebbled Cowhide Leather Jacket both as coming of age gifts for young men that are close as family to me.

My own Schott is a now discontinued Men's Classic Horsehide Racer Motorcycle Jacket with Spread Collar but with two zippered chest pocket instead of one and a zip-out fleece liner vest. It must weigh 10 pounds. It's 27 year old, and looks brand new - broken in by still looks brand new; a little leather cleaner and mink oil once a year.

This 641HH, Classic Schott Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Horsehide will be my fifth Schott and all mine. Can't wait to get it.
Published: Sun, 6/7/2009 by Jason Lucien (jaslucien)
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The perfect jacket
For the last 15 years I've wanted a leather jacket and everyone I tried on made me just look like a 1st class jerk. Then I found this jacket used on Ebay (this was before the color was re-released) and instantly fell in love with it... I got it, put it on, and still refuse to take it off, thanks Schott for such an amazing leather jacket. I'd love to tell you I'm in the market for another one, but I'm guessing this jacket will outlive all of us.

Published: Thu, 4/17/2008 Calbee Booth
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