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Classic Racer Jacket in Long Sizes 141L

Material: Naked Cowhide

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The 27-1/2" long version of our Classic Racer Jacket featuring a bi-swing back, underarm footballs, adjustable stand-up collar and side buckless, zippered sleeves, polytwill lining and a zip-out pile liner. Union Made in the U.S.A by UNITE HERE local 169.

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First Rate Old School cafe jacket
Can't say enough good things about my new 141L. My arms and torso are long (I'm 6'3") and the jacket fits great. The leather is thick but soft, and is already breaing in nicely. The naked leather really looks good, and the quality of construction is first rate. I was on the verge of ordering a custom Model B from that other American leather jacket company out of the Boston area but to add 2" to the sleeves and jacket length put the jacket over $800.00. Schott saved me over $300.00 on a great American made leather jacket. The only negative i can think of (and the ONLY reason it didn't get the fifth star) is I would love to have a pocket or two on the inside for my wallet and/or cell phone when the liner is not in. If you're considering this jacket, you won't be disappointed.
Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Crazy Chester
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The Real Deal
This jacket has exceeded my expectations.
Thanks Gail for helping me with sizing.
Published: Mon, 6/8/2009 by L.B. Knoxville, TN
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Schott lives up to their name and reputation. This jacket the 141L fits amazingly thanks to Gail. Everything about this jacket is made to last and it shows. I’ve worn it every day since it has arrived and my wife loves the way it looks on me ;.)
Published: Mon, 11/23/2009 by Chris Kaczerski
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Just an awesome jacket
Warm in weather as low as 38 with the zip in liner. I wear it year round in 95 deg summer heat as well(you only get roadrash once to learn the lesson always wear a jacket). It will last me a life time, the understated styling will make you feel like Fonzy. Smooth looks for a non badass jacket.
Published: Fri, 6/13/2008 Andrew Ward
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After a few questions, ordered and received a perfect fit...
After a brief but informative phone call, I ordered and received a 141L in a size 46 and it fits perfect - snug but not too tight with excellent arm length (which was my concern). I already had the 135 (brown) in a size 44 which is a "relaxed" cut and that jacket too, a great fit. For those concerned about the $$ and an online purchase without being able to try on the jacket, make the phone call! You'll most likely get exactly what you need.
Published: Tue, 2/19/2013 by Kevin D Watson
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I like this jacket. A lot.
This jacket has a timeless, primeval appeal. Not as aggressive or flaunting as the Perfecto, the Cafe Racer is every bit as assertive in a quieter, calmer way. The leather is heavy and designed for protection. As a result, it feels substantial and confident. The fit is close to the body. I'm 6'2" and 210 athletic pounds, and the size 44 fits nearly perfectly. Sleeves hit me at the base of the thumbs, a length I like. Not too short which is the problem I face with many coats and shirts. I can wear this jacket everywhere because it is a timeless, traditional design. The feel and construction of this jacket are quality and when I wear it I get compliments from complete strangers. I don't ride and probably will never own another motorcycle, but I can wear this jacket and feel confident in the look and feel.
Published: Wed, 2/13/2013 by Albert Marten
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141 L Classic Racer Jacket
I ordered this Jacket online from the UK two days ago after calling Schott to check sizing etc. It arrived via Fedex today , amazing. Service was fantastic and Jacket is absolutely amazing. Soft leather and great quality , not found in UK today. Its a pleasure to deal with a company that treats its customer service the way Schott does. Old school customer centered and still manufactured in the US the way they used to be, This is something other companies should consider. Stay true to quality and back that up with superb customer service. There is no need to locate manufacturing to cheaper countries when you can deliver this level of product and service. I know where I will be buying my next Jacket. Please send my sincere thanks to the manufacturing team at Schott , you guys should be proud of what you do.
Published: Thu, 5/17/2012 by Antony Mackie
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Wonderful jacket
This is my first leather jacket, and I purchased it for both riding and for looking good 'round town. It is a hit in both departments! I required long for my long arms and it does not disappoint. It is thick, rich, and stiff when it is new, and after one month it feels pristine and comfortable. The details are all excellent. This is my first review ever, and I wrote it because I am so pleased with the jacket. Someone else wrote that though it costs some dough, to buy it because you'll feel completely satisfied. I agree completely.
Published: Mon, 11/21/2011 by john ehresman
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From A Jacket Collector
I have owned many jackets from Brooks to Hein Gericke and more. I had not purchased a Schott jacket years before only because finding a new one in store was difficult and as owner of a huge vintage store in Hollywood put it "people either know what they are and by them all up or they don't know what they found, but recognize how great they are....so they're rare."
I went to New York for the first time and was on a mission to find one with money just in case. After calling the company with friendly help to point me in the right direction, I found a store with a good range of Schott jackets. I thought I would love the 641, but the 141 looked and felt so good. A bit stiff brand new, yet it already looked so great on and the quality was unmistakable.
Much like finding the world's greatest baseball glove; the more I wear it, the more I love it.
My other jackets now see a lot of closet time and from what I feel, they probably will for a long time.
Published: Sat, 8/13/2011 by Ryan Mitchell Pate
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Well worth the money!!!
This is hands down the best jacket Ive ever worn. I got it last week and have been wearing it everyday, its constantly breaking in. My father tried it on and didnt want to take it off! I tried to give it to him but he insisted it looked better on me. Im 6'7" 210 lbs, medium frame so I ordered my suit size which is a 42L and the fit was spot on, a little tight at first but give it a week and it breaks in perfectly. Im positive this jacket will last a lifetime and its by far the best $600 Ive ever spent, thank you Schott!!!
Published: Wed, 2/16/2011 by Joseph Tuozzoli
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This Product is "Dangerous"!!!
Back in 1968 when I was in college I owned a Norton Interstate Commando Motorcycle. I wore a cafe style leather jacket. When I saw the 141L it looked so authentic that I simply had to purchase it. After having worn it for 2 days my worst fears have come true; it is so authentic that now I have to buy the bike. I am 64. Motorcycle accident statistics are not good for somebody my age. That's what I mean when I say, "This product is dangerous!!!" Watch out!
Published: Sat, 1/9/2010 by Lewis Barry Lappin
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