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Classic Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket 118

Material: Naked Cowhide

See item in Black Black

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Also available:
618 Classic Perfecto Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket Deluxe Heavy Steerhide

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Our Classic Perfecto 25" Motorcycle Leather Jacket features a belted front, bi-swing back, underarm footballs, zippered pockets and sleeves, with insulated nylon quilted lining. Union Made in the U.S.A by UNITE HERE local 169.

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Second 118, third Schott
First the technical stuff, this is 118 number two for me, my old one just having given it's life in an accident with a clueless driver. Unfortunately, my jacket couldn't be saved, but it did a great job of keeping my skin on my body! Thanks Portland Outdoors for coming through with a new one right away. Buy the size you would normally wear, as they run very true. Schotts are really well made, and will last almost for forever. If you're looking for a lightweight jacket, the 118 is not for you. Try a 618 or a 125/115 instead so you can feel the difference. Now the important stuff.....and since you're looking at this page, here's what you're really looking to find out: 118's are THE jacket to own whether you ride or not. When you walk into a room or down the street wearing one, you're going to get noticed, so deal with it. This jacket is going to make a statement and people are going to talk, particularly if a jacket like this has not been a part of you in the past. You're not wearing this to be ignored. A 118 becomes part of your personality and they tell other people a lot about who you are are. If you buy some junk knock off, well, that's really not the statement you want to make, is it? Don't think people can't tell the difference. Sure these cost more, but good stuff from beer to clothing usually does. You can wear this jacket every day, as it goes equally well with jeans and a black t shirt, or with a shirt and tie. Only two things: you'll need to wear it a lot to break it in, that's the only way it's going to become part of you, and like it or not, as others here have said, leather doesn't do you any favors if you're not in shape. 118s are strong, solid, cool.
Published: Fri, 11/2/2012 by Stefan Garfield
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Perfect is the title
I'm in love with my 118 perfecto. Thanks to Schott for this great jacket.
Published: Wed, 10/22/2008 Chris
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Timeless Quality
I owned this jacket in my early 20's from 1987 to 1992. I absolutely loved it, and wore it everywhere back then-- out on the town, and motorcycling interstate to Oregon. Went down twice wearing it-- once when a driver turned left in front of me. I flew onto the hood, slid up the windshield, and landed on the pavement on the car's far side. The jacket protected me well. I walked away with minor bruises, and the jacket barely suffered a scuff. In time, I gave my beloved jacket to my then sweetheart, Lori.

Fast forward 18 years. Lori called me up from out of the blue, and asked if I wanted to 'borrow' my jacket. She was placing most of her belongings into storage to pursue a new job out of state. She wanted to make sure the jacket was cared for.

I motorcycled two hours for a brief but sweet reunion, and saw my old Schott again for the first time. It looked perfect, just as beautiful as the day I gave it to her. Slipping it on and drawing the belt through the chrome buckle-- the beautiful leather, comfort and perfect fit of the jacket left me awestruck. I'd gained a few pounds but it still fit like a glove. I wore my now 'vintage' Schott (LOL) on the ride home, enjoying a flood of wonderful memories. I can tell you first hand that Schott quality truly is timeless.

I still wear this jacket from time to time, (and I STILL get compliments on it) but I try to preserve it for Lori. I bought two more Schotts, and the new ones are just as awesome.
Published: Sat, 2/11/2012 by Charles Lambert
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Great Jacket - Great Service
Just got my custom Perfecto 118. Thanks to Gail it's perfect. Very high quality construction and features that will be appreciated when I'm riding.

Gail really distinguishes Schott from the other brands and she makes sure that you are getting the right fit in the right jacket at the right time.

If you're a biker who demands the best in your riding gear I would recommend Schott and if you've decided to reward yourself with a custom jacket you can trust Gail to guide you through the process. My riding buddies are all looking to trade up now. LOL
Published: Tue, 2/17/2009 by T1
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perfecto is just perfect
fits perfect, perfect quality, perfect product, perfect feeling, PERFECTO IS JUST PERFECT!
Published: Thu, 8/28/2008
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Finally.....A Perfecto!!!
Just put a Perfecto on. 2,3,4 hundred dollars for a knock-off? Just a little more.......and you could have a jacket that simply feels like no other. This jacket feels so good, the break-in period won't even piss me off. Just got a killer deal at Latus Motors in Gladstone,Or.. Seriously considered wearing to bed the first night. If you ever go down in the Perfecto, you first words to the paramedics will be "DON'T CUT THE JACKET!" instead of "How's the bike?".
Published: Thu, 10/11/2012 by Gaylon Randell Martinez
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Perfecto 118
I received my jacket just last week --- what a beautiful piece of workmanship! The jacket exudes quality and, wow, is it great looking!
Published: Thu, 3/22/2012 by Mark F. Lenzenweger
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Forget the rest...Perfecto is the BEST!!!
Hello all!

I just got my first new Schott Perfecto. It is the 118 in naked cowhide, and MAN is it a beauty! I got my first biker jacket in 1984 when I was 14, it came from Montgomery Wards ;-)). I have had many many jackets since, including several from well heeled manufacturers Vanson and Dainese. This jacket, by far, blows them away!! It is as the name suggests, PERFECT! I never kept any biker jacket for long, I never had that "at home" feeling like I do in my new Schott. I can't wait for the heat of summer to end, so I can start breaking my new 118 in!!
Published: Mon, 9/12/2011 by Spencer D
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Aptly named
I ordered this on October 1st 2010...it arrived here (Ireland) on October 3rd. I've owned 3 Perfectos previously but never actually bought one direct from Schott. I should have come here first. The reason I didn't opt for a "new" one before was because I wanted that vintage/worn in look without having to go through the whole breaking-in period. For anyone who, like me, is impatient when it comes to matters of all things being broken in...have no doubt! The naked cowhide on these 118s are super soft and you can feel it contouring to your shape immediately. Also, these latest batches of 118s have a back length of 26" (in my size 44) which is a major plus as my previous Perfectos were just too short. As the name suggests these jackets are indeed perfect (yes, I know they were originally named after a cigar but there's no doubting the perfection and quality here).

Gail was great during the whole process. Great communication and a lovely person. If you're checking out second hand Schott jackets on Ebay then don't waste your time. Spend the extra few quid and get it new direct from Schott. You will not be disappointed. I was thinking it'd be years before I'd achieve that broken in look but with this leather I'd give it 2 months tops. The quality of the leather and the workmanship are pristine. The naked cowhide lends itself perfectly to a fast break-in period.

Now to go and smell it again (I LOVE the smell of leather) and stare at it with love hearts in me eyes.
Published: Thu, 10/7/2010 by The O'Prez
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just love this jacket
I use this jacket as the jacket i ride with everyday in all weather and i just love it. the leather is so nice pictures don't do it justice. it's heavy enough to be protective but not bulky like a lot of other motorcycle jackets.

i find myself wearing this jacket in completely inappropriate situations because i like it so much, it's becoming my daily jacket just because i really just love putting it on. tough to describe until you put one of these on.
Published: Wed, 1/13/2010 by -Mike D
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the latest 118, updated!
just got my new 118, wow, one noticeable difference has to be te sleeve circumference, people on legendaryusa website has been complaining about sleeves blooning up while riding, and vintage perfecto jackets tend to have smaller sleeves, so, now Schott regressed it back to the vintage size again while maintaining other modern features. the bell shaped cuff zipper is an improvement on the stick zipper too! overall, great jacket!
Published: Thu, 12/17/2009 by Reginald
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Perfecto 118
This is a really good jacket. The leather is high quality, and the garment is well made and looks good. What I could not figure out is how to fold the outer flaps up and zip it all the way up to keep out cold air when riding without a windshield. I had another jacket of the same style that had snaps on the inside to snap the flaps into place and then to snap the collar down when the zipper was all the way to the top. This jacket did not seem to have that feature.
Published: Thu, 4/9/2009 by John Simpson
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Perfecto, a satisfied customer
I just recieved my jacket after sending one back that I did'nt like the fit. Just love it and the fur collar. Great customer service from Gail. Very pleased with the great jacket.
Published: Mon, 12/29/2008 by Patrick M. Mullins
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A Classic!
Gorgeous soft leather jacket. Worth every penny and much better quality than any of the others I've owned! I will keep it forever!
Published: Fri, 12/26/2008 by L.A. Ostermeyer
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First off, I have to commend Schott on their customer service. Many have mentioned this before me, but the kind of attention I was given (by one Jerri Reyes) is unlike that of any company I've dealt with prior. First, she helped me decide how the 118 would fit me relative to the 613, which I tried on but found too short. Her advice was spot on, and this jacket fits like a dream. Secondly, she helped clarify my shipping address (the last thing I needed was a misdelivery!). All on all, I could give 5 stars for customer service alone.

Next, the shipping. I'm lucky enough to live in New York City, so the jackets are being shipped out of our backyard here. The best part, however, was my order was shipped within hours after I placed my order. The wait time was absolutely minimal. If not for the holiday on Monday, I would have received it then. Order it Friday, get it next business day - nothing to sneeze at there.

Now, the jacket. It is a thing of beauty. The smell coming off it is almost intoxicating. This is my first leather jacket, and I figured I'd go big. It is a solid, heavy jacket that felt as though it was molding to my body the second I put it on. Everything felt as though it was tailored to me (I am 5'11, about 175 pounds). The picture with the model is actually misleading; the length is accurate but the sleeves look billowy. This was not the case. I've never had a jacket where the sleeves have fit my arms so perfectly. The sleeve ends right above my wrist, so there is no dangle. The shape on my arms is sleek and narrow. I was very excited about this, as a jacket with too-large arms looks incredibly stupid.

The fit is less snug than the traditional 613/618, which is perfect for me. I am an active person and not overweight, but having a bit of room in the jacket was a plus for me so I can fit a slightly thicker sweater beneath it for layering purposes. It still looks nice and fitted with nothing but a collared shirt underneath it, so regardless of the temperature I will feel great in the jacket.

I balked at the price for months before finally deciding to take the plunge. I'm glad I did. Feeling the jacket on me makes me realize I'll never regret it. Now, all I have to do is stay the same size until I can gift the jacket to my heir in twenty years or so.

Buy the jacket.
Published: Wed, 2/19/2014 by Patrick Murphy
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Impeccable Perfecto
I just received my Perfecto 118 and I'm in awe of the amazing quality leather, impressive zippers & buckle, impeccable craftsmanship and stunning design. Hats off to a great American company and the employees that make it "World Famous" for it's great designs and skilled craftsmanship as well as outstanding customer service. Yes, the 118 is true to size and has a very smart fitted look. I'm 6" and wear a size 42. Sleeve length is perfect. Waist is pecfect. It fits as though it was customed made for me and feels as though I have worn it for ever. A special thank you to Jerri for her patience and guidance in assisting me with my selection. I agree with a previous poster "This jacket does make a dramatic statement". Thank you Schottnyc!
Published: Tue, 2/12/2013 by William Budd
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You only need one jacket - this one!
I have had my 118 for more than 10 years. I have ridden all over the US, in all types of weather: below freezing, hail, raining in buckets and sunny warm days and there is no other jacket I would ever desire to wear. This will be the one and only motorcycle jacket you will ever want or need, period. Highly recommending it seems to be a dis-service to the jacket.
Published: Tue, 10/2/2012 by Willie Dumas
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Published: Sun, 4/22/2012 by luca galvagni
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Perfecto 118 - Excellent jacket, great fit
I've owned several other leather motorcycling jackets (imported brands) over the years, but NONE can compare to a Schott Perfecto. Putting it on, you can immediately feel the difference in quality materials, AMERICAN workmanship, and overall "fit". I also own a Schott A-2 flight jacket, and the superior fit and quality is again second to none. I wear a size 48 regular. The Perfecto 118 is true-to-size, and fits me extremely well. A highly recommended riding jacket. Buy it!
Published: Sat, 2/25/2012 by Sheldon Kowaleski
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X-Mas came early for me today
My wife and son just picked up my Schott Classic Perfecto 118 Jacket today from Fog City Leather in San Francisco, The owner is one hell of a
nice guy.
I was looking at the One Star Perfecto but was unable to locate one in my area to try on, Fog City had one 118 in stock in a 44 reg. we drove 3 hours to the city to check it out OMG what a jacket what a a fit and feel I was sold on it right then. Only bad thing is they won't let me wear it they have to wrap it and put it under the tree evil people they are. thanks Schott and Fog City. Sure glad I did not order that $200 dollor knock off.
Published: Mon, 12/12/2011 by ruben abeyta
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Un blouson mythique de très grande qualité
Avis aux acheteurs francophones :

Je vous recommande de commander votre blouson depuis ce site qui est le seul à offrir une telle qualité de service, et un choix aussi important de tailles et de modèles.

Les prix pratiqués sont très raisonnables et vous bénéficiez d'une politique de retour en cas de problème de premier ordre.

La livraison est extrêmement rapide et le suivi de commande irréprochable ; le service client est disponible et le produit arrive parfaitement emballé et en excellente condition.

Quant au blouson en lui-même, que dire sinon qu'il est sublime ; la qualité du cuir est tout simplement exceptionnelle. L'aspect, le style, c'est incomparable.

A la fois chic, atemporel, élégant et vintage, ce blouson ne fait pas dans la nostalgie, mais marque votre différence avec un vêtement unique, et mythique.

Amis motards réjouissez-vous, car ce blouson est très chaud et convient à toutes les conditions météo et résiste même plutôt bien aux frimas hivernaux.

Voici mes notes en conclusion :

- Qualité du produit : 19/20
- Disponibilité du service client : 19/20
- Livraison et suivi de commande : 19/20
Published: Sat, 3/12/2011 by Stéphane
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