Classic 32 Oz. Melton Wool Pea Coat for Women 750W

Material: Melton Wool

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Our 30" Women's Classic 32 Oz. Melton Wool Pea Coat, military anchor buttons, hand-warmer pockets, and nylon quilted lining. Union Made in the U.S.A by UNITE HERE local 169.

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Simply the best
I bought my Schott women's pea coat nine years ago. I have worn it every winter in New England where winters are harsh and bitter. This coat has withstood all the elements over the years, not to mention it looks awesome!

I have tried other pea coats on in stores and the quality does not compare. While wearing the coat, I have even been asked when I was in the Navy due to the quality and make of the coat. By far, this is the best pea coat available on the market. This coat will always be my brand of pea coats. I cannot say enough good things about this coat!
Published: Sat, 11/7/2009
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Pea Coat +
Love the coat. Made in USA a rare thing these days. The only coat that stops
the cross town wind in NYC.
Published: Sat, 11/7/2009 by DP
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I love this coat! It is made with the best materials and so so warm. Ive wanted a peacaot for sometime but all I saw in the stores were flimsy and nothing that I wanted to spend money on. I have a MC from the 90's made from Schott and its still looks new because the quality is there.Now this isn't one of those trendy coats just classic not fitted but very warm. classic!!!
Thanks SCHOTT for having awesome clothing (need more woman's stuff!!). This will last forever too.
Published: Sat, 2/15/2014 by grace m
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