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Boot Cut Leather Jeans

Boot-Cut Steerhide Leather Jeans 604

Material: Deluxe Heavy Steerhide

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Our Steerhide "Boot-cut" Jeans are lined and styled with a 34" inseam; raw edge bottom to allow for a customized length.
Union Made in the U.S.A by UNITE HERE local 169.

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gotta get the pants!
well- I had bought the EASY rider a couple months ago and thought Id hold off on the pants- tried some others- mostly through the motorcycle websites- good service but the pants would show up with a clear "cheapness" to them- mostly asian market stuff designed to look cool but constructed in a way that showed no carachter or safety- seams that would fail, leather that would split through and design made to look like a comic book chump- so I sprung for the steerhides and SCHOTT did it again- they were RIGHT ON- match the jacket perfectly- make me feel safe, look good, and thats what I wanted- pay more get more- support the USA and our business'- Gail, again was wonderful- the uncut 34 length worked well for me as I wear a 32 normally but when riding with the chippewas the extra length is needed-
Published: Sat, 4/4/2009 by Ryan Can
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Well-finished, comfortable jeans!
I bought a pair of 604 jeans from this website almost five years ago (thanks again for the help, Gail!) and still love 'em. Beautifully finished, comfortable, comfortable half lining, THICK leather, with no seams at the knees, so they're worth every penny.

I wear a 36" inseam in shrink-to-fit Levi's 501 jeans, and the 34" unfinished hem of these pants is just the right length for me.
Published: Sat, 8/30/2008 Grant Wilds
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