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A-2 Flight Jacket A2SM

Material: French Antique Lambskin

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The "TYPE A-2" jacket was standardized on May 29th, 1931 and was manufactured under contract until 1943. It was the regulation ARMY AIR CORPS intermediate flying jacket and was issued and used until the end of WWII. The A-2 takes credit as being one of the most famous of all the WWII Flying jacket and was considered a must have jacket by both the pilots and flight crews. The natural distressing and personalized details gave each garment it own unique signature and character. This jacket is imported.

The escape map detail dates back to the engagement of the Air Force in the European theatre of operations. The jacket was worn by pilots in the 8th, 9th, 12th and 15th divisions flying B-17 and B-24 bombers as well P-38,P-47 and P-51 Fighters. The escape map of Europe was originally hand sewn into the lining by the pilot in the event that his plane was shot down behind enemy lines thus allowing the downed pilot to navigate his way back to the safety of the allied troops.

This A-2 flight jacket features dual-entry side and patch pockets, and a generous fit. This jacket is imported.

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Just received my A-2 jacket and am absolutely delighted with the fit, the look, and the quality. The stitching is also professionally done and appears to be heavy-duty thread. This is a superior product, when compared to other manufacturers of similar jackets. Wish I had learned of Schott years ago instead of just recently. Very reassuring to know that QUALITY is still available in the U.S.A.
Published: Sat, 11/8/2008 Richard W. Mills
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Cosmic Inheritance
On my first weekend in a new community, I went on my usual garage sale trip around the community. I was awestruck by this jacket. The jacket - circa 1986 - was begging to be tried on, but it looked too small. At the urging of the owner and my friend, I tried it on, and voila! A perfect fit. As a teacher, I don't have much money, and as luck would have it, the woman selling it saw me as "a good soul" and having "a good vibe" about me. Low and behold, I received the story about the jacket (her father, a WWII USAAF Navigator, had purchased it late in life and wanted it to go to a good home), and the charge to let it lead me on many adventures. Here's to future adventures with an amazing jacket.
Published: Sat, 11/10/2012 by Kyle Schneider
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A-2 Part 2
I've owned this jacket since the early 80's.I just purchased a new one for Christmas to replace it.I've always got a lot of compliments about this style jacket. I think it is one of the nicest I have ever seen. It always gets the looks from others.Don't hesitate to purchase one like I just did here.It truly is a 10 star jacket.
Published: Tue, 12/24/2013 by Thomas M. Feaster
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Buy Nice Or Buy Twice
I purchased my jacket in 2012. I had seen others at half the price. When I pulled it off the rack, feeling its weight and subsequently trying it it on, I knew I had "the real thing". My jacket is warm, very well constructed and looks cool!!!!! Quality like my Schott, A2 Jacket is not cheap and is the best value! Buy nice or buy twice.
Published: Fri, 11/29/2013 by Lee Allen Schroeder
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