WTB Schott 125
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Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a 125 size 48... Doesn't matter if its a bit knocked about, just love the style, and would be interested if anyone wanted to sell theirs... Thanks, Ben
leathermb on 06/24/13 at 04:47 PM


I have a Schott 125.  it is a size 46, but to me it's like a 48.  I normally wear 44 and with Schott leather jackets a 46 but this one is big on me.  If you are interested I can take exact measures and pictures and let you know. I live in NYC.

Bunyip on 06/24/13 at 06:55 PM

Hi there,

I would be very interested in pics and measurments. Im a 48 in the Easy rider, it fits really well. I think the 125 is a full cut, so 46 is certainly possible. The only concern might be shoulder width and maybe sleeve length? my email is on my profile,

Great stuff. BTW Im in Australia, dont know if this makes a diff, I have 100% ebay rating and a paypal account.



leathermb on 06/27/13 at 02:10 PM


I am going to take pictures and measurements.  Please send me your e-mail address throuhg this message.  I looked in your profile and the e-mail address is a link but it does not give the actual address.

My address is os2333@hotmail.com

You being in Australia is not a problem.  The only issue i see is that the shipping cost could be high.

I will wait for your reply.