Would like to get a date of manufacture on my 125
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Hi Gail - I just purchased a pre-owned 125 with liner, size 46, in pristine condition and would like to get an appx. date of manufacture if I could.  The jacket has "Schott" printed all over the liner, the sleeve zippers say "IDEAL" on them, the main ziper just has a diamond engraved on it with a bar on either side and "USA" on the back and the box at the bottom of the zipper having 2 "X's" engraved in it.  The tag inside the small front snap pocket says "2483 032 125 46".  Everything appears to original.  Is there anything else I can provide that might help you date this jacket? Thanks.

Gail on 04/29/13 at 07:47 AM

Based on the Logo print lining, the Ideal zippers and the Lot #2483 the jacket was produced around the mid-1980's. Gail

Sonny on 04/29/13 at 08:11 AM

Ok thank you.