Wanted!! Various Schott jackets.
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Gday guys, Im chasing a few different jackets to buy. Schott plaid ranch jacket, any colour 141 brown. B3 bomber Im a size 48 inch chest, i hbae an easy rider in 48 thats a nice fit. Im happy to use paypal, I can show you my ebay deedback so you know Im not a scammer. Send me a message or reply to this post if you have anything you think I might like. Thanks guys, Ben
leonardo1972 on 03/03/13 at 01:21 PM
I have an aero cafe racer in a 48 that is brown and hardly broken in. http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=62 and a Schott 641 HH and a 618HH that are both BRAND NEW and on this page. Let me know... Leo
Bunyip on 03/03/13 at 07:41 PM

would love to see the aero! I believe the 48 in hh might be too small, as Im told its a slim fit?

leonardo1972 on 03/03/13 at 07:48 PM
It's not. They don't fit small. I have a 47 inch chest and there is plenty of room for me in it.
mmartinx on 04/06/13 at 09:59 AM
Hey I have a used but excellent condition Navy Flight Jacket Flyers Man Intermediate, CWU-R XL Specification MIL-J-3119GN (USAF) Martin