Vintage A-2 snaps too loose/need tightening
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Hello everyone!

Just picked up a couple of A-2 jackets from a vintage store made in the 80s: one 684SM and one 184SM.

Great condition and had them cleaned and now preparing to order collars and maybe the lining.

One thing I noticed is that the snaps at the pockets and the top/bottom of the zipper are not tight at all.

By that I mean that they snap open very very easily.

Anybody knows of any quick fixes on how to tightem them, or do I have to order new snaps and replace them?

As I live in Germany, I would prefer to have a hme fix than take them to be replaced.


GAIL: can I get replacement snaps shipped over here?


Gail on 09/09/13 at 08:44 AM

If you need replacement snaps, we can help you, though they may be a different finish. Older jackets could have different snaps then what we use now. Gail