used 125 fit vs. new 618HH fit
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I'm looking at a used 125. Based on another post by Gail it seems this used 125 is probably late 1980's-90's (liner has 'SCHOTT' lettering all over it). Change pocket tag numbers are:1064 005 125 42 My question- I tried on a friend's 618HH size 42. It fits, tho snugly, esp. thru the chest (I'm a women FYI). No way I can go smaller. What differences in cut can I expect between a 80's-90's 125 size 42 and the 618HH I tried on for size? thanks!
Gail on 02/01/13 at 09:31 AM

I am sorry but I do not have the pattern specs for an older version of the 125 style. For a woman to wear a men's jacket you really need to try the jacket on for fit. The men's jacket do not allow for a bust measurement. All motorcycle jackets taper in about 6" from chest to bottom of jacket for that snug fit. Usually on a women this means the jacket ends in her hip area not above the hip on a man, causing the jacket to be too small around to zipper up.  The 125 is a longer jacket then the 618HH because of the kidney back entension, The 618HH has a bck length of 24", the 125 is 2" longer . Gail