the saddle soap application
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The prior discussion about leather care reminds me of yesterday’s events. I have a tan and a medium brown jacket and both are in need of cleaning at the hem, at the elbow, and around the neck. I bought a tin of saddle soap at the grocery store and read the instructions: 1. Lather soap 2. Apply to soiled areas 3. Remove excess moisture. Now let us look at what is meant. Lather soap with a shoe-shine dauber or a cooking whisk? To the consistency of shaving cream or saltwater taffy? Apply to soiled areas with cotton balls, a wash cloth, a dish washing doobie? Dry excess moisture with double knit auto polishing cloths, dab with a cotton towel, or use the wife’s hair dryer? I think there is more technique to this than the lid of the saddle soap can led me to believe. Is it possible for you to suggest an article that addresses my concerns? Thank you.
Gail on 04/26/13 at 07:31 AM

Not sur about all these instructions on the product you purchased. We recomemnd saddle soap for a light cleaning. Which means a dampen cloth and some saddle soap to lightly clean the area. Wipe area with a damp cloth and let air dry. If your jacket is more soiled then I suggest professional cleaning. Areas on the jacket such as the neck where the dirt is oil and sweat will probably also have a darken area even aftetr professional cleaning. Gail