some Questions about my Schott 647 M S
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Hello Schott-Team,

I`d like to ask you some questions about this Schott-Jacket of mine.

I bought it a few years ago and I'm allways wondering if it is an original Schott-Jacket?

I never found that color again. If it is real, when do you have made this jackets and what kind of leather and name of the color has it?

On the Front Pockets are different Buttons than on the shoulder and over the zipper (Talon). hope you can see it on the picture. is that original or has maybe someone changed the buttons?

it would be helpful, if you can give me some answers 'bout my jacket.

Thank you and greetings from Hamburg/Germany


Gail on 03/26/13 at 08:22 AM

The jacket is our style 174SM in a naked cowhide leather and the color was called Mocha. I am not familar with the pocket snaps it appears a previous owner has replaced the original Schott logo snaps on the jacket. We introduced the naked cowhide leather into our line of jackets in 1978 which was the first year we made the 174SM , the last year we made the 174SM was in 1987. Based on the Tyvek label and the red size loop label, this jacket was probably produced in 1978-1980. Gail