sleeve fit difference between 644 and 618
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I purchased a 618 back in May '12, and now recently a 644, both in size 42 regular; they both fit drastically differently. The 618 is shorter, so it doesn't bunch up while zipped and sitting, but the 644, being longer, does bunch up. That's to be expected, but the thing i have the most problem with, on the 644, is the looseness of the cuffs, even while they are zipped. The 618's zipped cuffs fits snugly and comfortably, while the 644's are loose and hang halfway down my hands, since the cuffs are obviously wider and the sleeves obviously longer. I'm wondering why this is so? And what can i do to have this issue remedied? thank you...
Gail on 10/01/12 at 10:40 AM

The 618 Classic motorcycle jacket  and the 644 Cafe Racer jacket are 2 different styles which have different patttern specs.  The sleeve opening on the Cafe racer is indeed wider as this is the spec and style of the jacket. All motorcycle sleeves should be below your wrist to allow for when your arms are extended while riding and the sleeve rides up. If you want a slimmer sleeve you will need to have a tailor alter the sleeves for you. Gail