Sizing question on 671 vs 141 vs 641 vs 641HH
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I'm trying to figure out what size I need in a certain jacket, and need some advice.  Needless to say, no small store can carry every style and size of Schott jacket.  I'm looking for a cafe racer with standup collar.  The store local to me has a 671 in 40R and a 141L in 40L.  The 141L in 40L is too long.  I don't like the 671 style, but it fits great.  Is the fit of the 671 the same as a 141 or 641?

So going by the fact that a 40L 141L is too long, and a 40R 671 fits great, if I want a cafe racer with a standup collar in naked cowhide, what size 141 should I get?  If I want a cafe racer with a standup collar in steerhide, what size 641 should I get?  If I want a cafe racer with a standup collar in horsehide, what size 641HH should I get?  Because honestly, I don't really care what leather I get, as long as it fits and Schott has it in stock for my local store to order.


Andy B.

Gail on 09/23/13 at 09:10 AM


The 141 is the same pattern and fit as the 671. We do not advise or address sizing on jackets on our blog, as sizing inquiries can become extensive in questions for the different styles. Also when we are very busy we always do not get to reply to the blog inquiries daily as we are replying to the customer email inquiries first.

We are more then happy to help you with your sizing inquiries by contacting our customer service with an email. Please include in your email the jacket style you are interested in and your measurements. Measurements should include chest, sleeve, waist and height.

Email: customerservice@schottnyc.com


AndyB3 on 09/23/13 at 08:59 PM


THANKS!  You answered my main question and customer service did the rest.

Andy B.