Size 46 Schott Donald Duck
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I bought this on Ebay a couple years back and only worn two or three times. Do not know when or why this jacket was made but it is cool. Leather is like new but I don't have liner. Has a tag that says Walt Disney Character 92 so I know it is newer than 1992. Second tag says Too cute with an american flag. Third tag is Leathercraft tag and then one saying size 46. Wrist zipper is an IDEAL, main zipper is YKK. I have only seen one of these. I will sell for $150 shipped if you use paypal


Also any info you have would be apreciated

Gail on 10/11/12 at 08:39 AM

To be honest I actually do not recall  the jacket but based on the logo lining and the Ideal  zippers and the labeling of 92, then I believe the jacket was made in 1992. Since it has a Disney label we know it was special production of a jacket for Disney. We used the logo lining and YKK zippers in jackets from the mid-1980's to the early 1990's.  In the change pocket should be a white ticket with the style number which is a style 125, size and possibly a bar code number. If the tag has no bar code then it was made prior to 1992. Gail