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Gail, is shipping free when you ship to an address in the continental USA? also, i understand the 15% discount is good until March 31st, 2013...correct?  thank you, westshore

Gail on 03/18/13 at 07:52 AM

This is to confirm we have free shipping within the continental US, and our discount coupon expires on 3/31/13. Gail

bdsawyer on 03/21/13 at 04:15 AM

What 15% discount are you referring to? On jackets or shipping?

Gail on 03/21/13 at 07:34 AM

AS I mentioned we have "Free" within the continental US, International orders will have shipping charges, which do not include the Custom fees. We sent an email to our mailing list, blog members and customers that offers a 15% discount on a purchase. I have listed the offer below, valid until 3/31/13. Gail

Movie tickets used to cost a nickel and penny candy went out with the pet rock. Since then, things have changed and as the cost of manufacturing America's finest leather jackets continues to rise, Schott NYC is faced with having to slightly increase our retail prices.


Buy a Schott NYC jacket, at our new 2013 prices, by March 31, 2013, and Schott NYC will take a full 15% OFF your entire purchase. This discount is substantially larger than our 2013 price increase, so now is your chance to take your best Schott!

To get your 15% discount, use promo code LASTCHANCE13 at checkout.