Schott sucks junk save your money
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Dudes Here's what I know from the experience - Schott did not post my comment in their reviews since they did not like it. Not posting all the reviews negates the whole point of reviews if you they are going to post only those that they like. Schott HH sucks, how do I know? I purchased one from Schott for over $800 Schott HH cafe racer few weeks ago. The hide is not heavy at all but rather flimsy thin, I even wonder if it is horse hide. Now I have Vanson and Aero. Far superior quality. May be in some years past Schott made "real" HH jackets, but now days they are peddling junk. The customer support is there to just brush you off. Anyway, I'm not happy with Schott and not happy that they are dishonest in posting the reviews, they filter them and post only those that they like (or fake ones). Hey Schott where is my review of HH Cafe racer I paid you over $800 for ? I purchased the jacked based on the reviews not knowing they are fake - taking you guys to court and want my money back. Exchange my jacket for the real one or refund my hard earned money. Alex
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ColeSlaw on 06/14/13 at 01:35 PM
I'm already working!
Albatross on 06/14/13 at 09:46 PM

Robonology - You've obviously got your mind bent that everyone defending Schott is their employee, so I won't bother trying to convince you otherwise, because obviously there's little else I can do other than say that I am NOT a Schott employee (although I wish I was 'cause perhaps then I wouldn't have only one 30 something years old Perfecto and one DurOJac), but I will share my experience with Schott with you.
Let's start with the customer service - I've sent a ton of inquiries to Schott, bothered them to hell and back regarding size, fit, style, etc. because I couldn't decide between steerhide and naked cowhide and whether to get a cafe racer or a perfecto, and to say that Jerri and Gail have been helpful is an understatement. Each reply was prompt, and aside from sending me size charts of every jacket I've shown interest in, the information and the advice they've provided regarding every single thing I've inquired about - be it fit or hide difference and how it will behave with age - was so helpful that I honestly cannot imagine a better customer service.
Worst part is, after all that, I didn't even buy anything from Schott because internet convinced me to go for one of the brands you've mentioned instead, because "Schott isn't pro enuff", which is what I did and that is something I deeply regret doing.
So I bought Vanson and used Aero, both of whom undoubtedly make great, thick and tough jackets, but as far as the fit goes, neither can as much as touch that ancient Perfecto that I have. Also, judging from your claims, it is fairly obvious that you've never actually dealt with either Vanson and especially Lost Worlds, if you're complaining about Schott customer service. Vanson people may be polite, but getting a concrete piece of information out of them, or a reply longer than seven words, is something that has yet to be witnessed. And Lost Worlds? Are you freaking kidding me!? Whoever works for their customer service should be institutionalized because they are freaking lunatics. The entire company should be shut down. I mean, just take a look at that website! I'm sure their jackets are fine and all, but they're completely insane, and I'm not even kidding - these people are bona fide lunatics. Not to mention the fact that they do NOT accept returns like at all, no matter what, so please remember that the next time you're thinking about complaining about Schott customer service. Aero is just as great, too.
Regarding hides - Vanson cowhide is every bit as thick as they say, but their HorseHide is surprisingly "thin" compared to their comp. weight stuff AND Schott steerhide. That doesn't necessarily mean it's inferior, it simply is a different type of leather and I bet that after all this talk about the HH jackets standing on their own and stopping small caliber rounds and whatnot, you were expecting some sort of a steel armour - I know because I've been there, too - but the fact of the matter is that horse hide is NOT necessarily that much thicker than either cowhide or steer hide, only harder, which is why it takes a bit more to break in but that's about it. Long story short, I've had a chance to once handle both Schott and Vanson HH jackets and there was hardly any difference in thickness at all. Aero uses marginally heavier leather, but their stuff cost twice as much as either Vanson or Schott, and let's also not forget the cowhide being sold as horsehide debacle.
Thing is, people on the internet are full of it. I've always dreamed of owning a brand new Schott, until I made a mistake of goingonline where nutcase elitists who don't know what they're talking about convinced me to buy Vanson/Aero/LW, with stories of undistructible jackets that are thicker and heavier than the cows they're made of, and now after spending all my money on Vanson and Aero, I'm still wearing my beat up old Perfecto, because I love it more than anything else that I have bought. I'm not making this up, I'm not saying that either Aero or Vanson are in any way inferior to Schott, because they are not, but the fact of the matter is that while offering every bit of durability and protection any other non-armoured leather jacket does, my Schott fits me infinitely better than anything I've ever tried on and while this may not be enough for everyone, it certainly is for me, and for this reason, I really do deeply love those two old Schott jackets that I have. Wearing them makes me feel happy. This may be entirely subjective, but it is just the way I feel, and I need to share this with you, and everyone else, because for that alone I owe my gratitude to Schott.
My only regret is that I am completely broke right now so I cannot buy anything from Schott... One day, perhaps.

Be as it may, I don't think you're being entirely fair. HH can be only that thin, and even the thinnest HH is still substatial enough not to be considered a "thin" leather, which is something you should know if you really do own an Aero. If you (or anyone else) want to exchange your Schott for my Vanson, drop me a line.

castillian500 on 08/06/13 at 05:29 PM
Nothing could be further from the truth !
skiddd on 03/29/14 at 07:00 AM
"JUNK"? are you kidding me? these are by far the best leather jackets made. I'm gonna be buried in my Schott 141(actually looking to trade or sell my brand new size 54 for a 48 right now) the older 141 I have is part of my life. Your an obvious Moron for not reading the policies CLEARLY WRITTEN on the website........... go be a somewhere else before I have to slap the outta You and send you on your way.......... have a nice safe day(I say safe because You obviously have that type of attitude that attracts beatdowns)