Schott Perfecto (lambskin)
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Bought myself a Schott Perfecto in lambskin for the spring and the fall. It costed about 375 euro. Nice jacket that fits like a glove. The only thing is it's only 1 month old and I wore it only a few times, but it's already ripped.
Me don't like!

Gail on 04/02/13 at 07:55 AM

Our styles do differ internationally and this particular jacket was not offered or produced in our USA factory. You need to return the jacket to the retailer you purchased the jacket from. He can send it to our distributor in Europe for inspection. Just a bit of information as I do not know how the rip occurred on the jacket, but lambskin is not a strong leather that can take rough wear. It is more a fashion leather. For riding you need a heavier and stronger leather for protection. That being said you still need to have the jacket looked at unless the rip occurred during a incident., which was not normal wear. Gail

BDR on 04/03/13 at 08:06 AM

Thanks for the reply...

Gonna buy myself a new Perfecto in cow- or steerhide right here: http://www.rocking-road.be