Schott nyc factory sale
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Is this event a giant "black Friday like" event or is it mostly laid back.  I'd jump at the opportunity to pick up a new jacket and save a few bucks in the process but I would rather not fight huge crowds and stand in line for hours (not that it wouldnt be worth it)  Just trying to geta feel for the event.  Any info?

Gail on 11/26/12 at 02:03 PM

I will admit we do have a line outside first thing in the morning, but we have never left anyone outside when we open. We have our repeat customers who want to be in first to check for the sample, proto and limted stock jackets, not to mention first pick at our famous $50.00 room. We have sufficient help and our check out lines move fairly quick. I thnk you will find it is worth the trip and it is not a crazy "Black Friday Rush" sale. Hope to see you at the sale. Gail