Schott NYC at Project NYC
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Schott NYC continued to celebrate 100 years as a staple to fashion’s bad boy ensemble at Project NYC this past week, and they did so with finesse. There were no bells and whistles or gigantic displays at their booth. They brought their jackets, a few small motorcycle models and some photos of rugged celebrities donned in their fine Schott leather apparel. Their display was modest to say the least. However, it was the quality of their products and the swagger of their salesmen that drew people to their booth.

Although it would've been cool to see a Hellcat X132 by their booth, with so much history associated with Schott NYC, they didn't need the extra array of commotion. They generated enough on their own, and that’s what makes them so respectable. Throughout these past 100 years, Schott NYC has continued to produce quality hand-made products right here in America. Never wavering. Always thriving. Continuing to be the best that they can be.