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SCHOTT B-6 TYPE SHEEPSKIN FLIGHT SPEC NO. 82-864-86 Want to sell this jacket. Any idea what I should price it for??? I see some vintage Schott Bros. jackets selling on Ebay for upwards of $500. Is this one worth that much? Help me out!
Gail on 01/24/13 at 11:45 AM

We do provide pricing on vintage jackets, but $500.00 does sound like a very good price. Sheeping is very expensive a  new sheelskin jacket is over $1000.00 in today' market. Gail

rsonenclar on 01/24/13 at 02:08 PM
So how much do you think I should price my 1989 Schott B-6 sheepskin jacket for?
Gail on 01/24/13 at 02:40 PM

We do not suggest pricing on vinatge or used jackets, you have already checked what other sheepskin jackets are selling at on Ebay. You need to set your price based on the infomation you have what a used jacket is selling for and what a new jacket is selling for. As aways it depends on what a buyer will pay. You can post the jacket on our blog under the Trade/Sell option. Gail