Schott 674
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Hi, I have a 674 jacket (1805905001-40-005-674). On which year was is made ?
Gail on 01/25/13 at 09:07 AM

We made this jacket for our distributor in France in 1999. Gail

philbzh on 01/28/13 at 08:12 AM
Thank you Gail. What is the history of the 674 jacket ? Was the 674's shape the same during the years of manufacturing ? Do you use to re-editate old model jackets ?
Gail on 01/28/13 at 08:20 AM

The basic A/2 flight jacket was made from the early 1960's and through the years the style had many variations. In addition pattern sizing also was adjusted as body structures changed through the years. Older jackets are smaller as people were smaller years ago. We offer the A2SM in our line which is the basic 674 style. Gail

philbzh on 01/29/13 at 11:29 AM
Thank you Gail.