Road Warrior: Confederate Motorcycles' Hellcat X132
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Dust off your Perfecto One Stars, boys. The weather outside isn't as frightful anymore, and the roads are fairly clear. I know you miss the sound of the wind whipping past your ears as the rev of the engine quickly jolts the attention of engaged passerbys. You're anxious to ride.

Whereas I'm sure most of you have your own rigs, and I'm sure they're all great bikes, it's worth gawking at this fine piece of machinery, rider or not. This is Confederate Motorcycles' Hellcat X132.

At $50,000 a bike, the Hellcat X132 has an air/oil-cooled 56.25-degree X-Wedge V-twin engine made by S&S as well as 135 bhp at 5100 rpm with 152 foot pounds of torque at 2000 rpm. Additionally, it's pretty exclusive as the company only hoped to build about 168 bikes last year.

Much like the array of Schott NYC's quality products, it's worth noting the American hand-craftsmanship and hard work that goes into Confederate Motorcycles line of work.

Learn more about Confederate Motorcycles' Hellcat X132 at ofIronAndOak.com and check out Confederate Motorcycles online.