Real or Fake
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Hopefully you can help me out. I purchased a new off the rack Schott in the mid 80's from Archies Gob Shop in Rochester NY. The jacket said Schott on the winter liner which is now gone. Somebody told me it's a fake. It has a YKK zipper, not the Schott one. All the labels have worn off over the years but the tag in the outside chest pocket has the following info. Lot 2476. BNDL 004. 141L. 44 size. I take it this is a model 141 in 44 long, the café racer style. The leather is absolutely beautiful and tough. I believe it to be naked cowhide. If somebody was to fake it, I would think they would use inferior leather but this jacket is just gorgeous and would be a fine jacket with anybody's label on it. Hopefully you can help me out on this. Thanks.
Gail on 04/29/13 at 02:08 PM

This is indeed our jacket, based on the lot number and the YKK front zipper it was produced in the mid-late 1980's. It is the style 141 in a long size in our naked cowhide leather. In the 1980's we were not using Logo zippers, older vintage jackets will not have Schott logo zippers. Gail