Question about my Perfecto
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Dear Gail,

I've had this wonderful jacket for some years - it was a gift from the states which I never got around to wear, due to being too young to have taste in clothing - so I was wondering if you could please help me date it?

Tag numbers are:

LOT       BNDL

1425      001


Also, what style exactly is it? Looks like Multipocket to me, but seeing how it is an older jacket, perhaps it's something else?

Thank you kindly!


Gail on 04/02/13 at 07:11 AM

The style is the steerhide style 615, which we made for many years in the 1970's to 1986 the last yaer the jacket was offered in our line. Based on the main Perfecto label having the motorcucle rider this jacket was produced in the mid 1980's when we started using this label. Gail

Albatross on 04/02/13 at 08:33 AM

So this is a steerhide? Alright, thank you very much, Gail! Cheers!