Qualities of naked cowhide
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I'm thinking seriously about buying a 140 black leather pea coat. The coat is made of naked cowhide. I know that the iconic 118 perfecto is also made of naked cowhide. The leather feels thick but very soft for cow, on the other hand if will show scruff and marks very easily. Are my impressions right? Also how do I care for this type of leather. And would it damaged if I worn it in the rain. I live near London and we get a type of light rain called dizzle all the time. And it is very humid. Thanks for reading.
Gail on 02/07/13 at 08:32 AM

All types of leather will show scuff marks if contact is made with something abrasive. A light rain will not hurt the jacket but avoid drenching rain that would saturate the leather, this could cause any leather to be come stiff. Always wipe down the jacket of any excess moisture, hang to air dry before storing in a closet .  Do not cover your jacket with plastic as leather needs to breathe. Gail