Perfecto Flight Jacket?
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I found this at a thrift store I work at. It has a Perfecto steerhide label. Pretty sure it's vintage; has the Talon zipper with a (broken) leather hang loop above the label that says "Schott Bros. Is this authentic? I've done some research and can't find another like it. Most Perfecto's are the motorcycle style jackets. This looks like a 674? Any help identifying it would be appreciated!
Gail on 02/08/13 at 10:52 AM

The jacket is a Schott jacket from the early1960's I believe. I checked our old catalogs and this style is sometimes on the same page with the motorcycle styles. I think in the 1960's many riders also wore this style when riding rather then the bad boy Marlon Brando classic M/C jacket. To confirm that this style was also a riding jacket they used the Perfecto label in the jacket. It was in the mid-1960's that we started using the IS674MS label in all out flight jackets. Nice fine, looks to be in good condition for it's age. Gail

rosenpetals on 02/08/13 at 01:59 PM
Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge, Gail! Yes it is in really nice condition, for being 50 years old! The interior is all intact and the leather is in beautiful condition. Nice workmanship!
dickypan on 04/27/13 at 04:40 AM

Nice! I have it also. I found it in Hongkong. I has the same question. Now I got it .Thank you!