Need help identifying/more info on this jacket please
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Could someone please help me identify this jacket and perhaps give a little more information on it? Thanks! -Will
Gail on 09/23/13 at 09:05 AM

This jacket is very similar to our old style 654 (1970-1975), except the 654 had a a quilt body lining, slanted top pockets and a bi-swing back. We also had a style 453 in 1983 & 1984 with the horizontal pockets and in 1984 a nylon lining, but the jacket also had a bi-swing back. In 1979 we had a style 121 once again it had a bi-swing back. Based on the main label, Talon zippers and the decorative collar snap, it is possible the jacket is from the late 1960's. Unfortunately I do not have catalogs from that time to check and provide you with a style number. Gail

westelmach on 09/23/13 at 01:44 PM
Thanks Gail! I am still waiting to receive the jacket. If there are any more tags or markings, I will be sure to post more.