my perfecto 618 story
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Hello! First of all compliments for your Company and for this web space you dedicate to your costumers. I've just bought an Amazing 618, size 50. The label inside the right front pocket says this : LOT 1730 BNDL 007 618 50 I'm from Italy,but the jacket is Made in USA ( as an USA Brand jacket must be, with pride!!) I'm really curious to know how old is my 618. It would be even cooler if it was 30 + years old. thanks, Sbiellato
Gail on 11/19/13 at 11:01 AM

Based on the pocket ticket having no bar code number, the jacket was produced prior to 1993. In addition since the ticket does have the Lot, Bundle, Style # and Size it was probably produced the late 1980's early 1990's. To try and pinpoint a better age I would need photos of the main label in the jacket, the front and sleeve zipper pulls, and the fornt buckle if it has any markings on the back. Gail

sbiellato on 11/19/13 at 11:41 AM
Hi Gail, thanks for the quick reply, I will send you pictures so you can be more specific about my beloved jacket. Ciao, Sbiellato p.s. I apologize for the quality, but the pictures I made with iphone company....
Gail on 11/19/13 at 11:45 AM

Based on the label and the YKK front zipper the jacket is from the mid-late 1980's. Gail