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I recently aquired a 70s Perfecto and am restoring it.  It looks like the one in this post: http://www.schottnyc.com/forum/posts/year_of_my_perfecto_cafe_racer.htm?

The snaps are smooth and shiny with no logo. Would that make it an early 70s model?

The label has been torn in half with big sections missing. But it looks like the one in the post above.

Is it possible to get a replacement label for my jacket?

thank you

Gail on 09/18/13 at 07:35 AM

It is possible if your snaps have no logo it was made in the early 1970's, assuminh your jacket is the same as the one you referenced. I am sorry but we are unable to send our labels to customers. The obvious reason being of someone sewing our label into a jacket that was not a Schott jacket. Gail

leganto on 09/20/13 at 01:57 PM


Thank you. Would you be able to replace the label if I sent the jacket to you? Or would it be a more modern version.


thank you

Gail on 09/20/13 at 02:08 PM

We could put the old style label in the jacket, but the label would look new. You would need to contact Jerri in customer service that handles the repairs. She would need to check what the cost would be as we have to open up the lining to sew the label in. Please note the jacket would have to be clean before a repair can be done. Many of these old jackets have never been cleaned and require all repairs be done on clean jackets. We would also check if the jacket was in good enough condition to open up, if the jacket has been maintained and cleaned, the lining may have become weak from dirt and sweat. I have listed Jerri's email address to contact: jerri@schottnyc.com