Leather and rain
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Hi! I have one small technical question. Is it safe for leather to wear my 618 Perfecto in rain?
Gail on 09/13/13 at 09:08 AM

Your jacket in Steerhid leather which has a finish. A finished leather has a protective finish that is applied at the tannery to the leather. We only recommend Saddle Soap for cleaning and Mink Oil for conditioning the leather. When applying any product to leather always test the product first on a none visibly area for any discoloration, shading, spotting or darkening of the leather. Never cover any leather jacket with plastic as the leather needs to breath. If the jacket becomes wet, wipe the jacket down removing the excess water and hang to air dry. With any type of leather it should not be intentionally worn in the rain causing the leather to become extensively wet and soaked through, this could cause the leather to dry out. In addition we recommend that the jacket be periodically professional clean and conditioned, this helps the leather from drying and the stitches and linings from deteriorating from dirt and sweat. Gail