Knockoff or Genuine?
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Looking at the Pin-up it seems to be painted on and unoriginal, but the rest of the jacket appears to be authentic (looking to the tags but those can easily be fake as well) Bringing the question to you guys directly, as you'd know better than I. Thoughts? Opinions? And as a side question, If i'm a size 40, (6ft tall, 170LBS) would a 38 Fit me? or is it going to be too baggy?
Gail on 11/15/13 at 01:58 PM

This appears to be our jacket and the previous owner had the jacket hand painted on the back and added the insignia on the front. If your chest is a size 40 then you are a size 40 jacket. You also have to remember the sheepskin is a thick wool which adds to the fit of the jacket. Older jackets could also be a smaller cut. Gail