indentify flight jacket + date?
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I acquired this jacket about 10 years ago and was told it was from approximately 1960-1970.  The main tag has been removed. The snaps say "Schott" and are black.  I have included 2 tag pictures.  The one in the pocket is the lot/size white tag. The pockets are a whote woven material inside and the lining is just plain black - no quilting.  There are snaps that look like a collar could be attached.

Is this a genuine Schott? 

How old might it be?

Is there a way to determine value - I will probably sell it here in the trading post.

Many thanks!  (from Kitty)  (I added a picture of the back to help identify - the jacket does have epaulets with snaps)

Gail on 01/29/13 at 08:08 AM

Not really alot to determine the age, based on the Schott logo snaps it is our jacket, and we started using Logo snaps after the mid-1970's. I think it is either a 684SM or 184SM depending on the leather and someone has removed the zip-out liner zipper. On older jackets the main label and size label were on the zip-out liner and since there are no labels I think it was this style. We do not determine a value on used or vintage jackets. I cannot even really determine the actual age, except it was made after the mid-1970's and we are still making the 184SM. Gail

kmwhit2001 on 01/29/13 at 09:39 AM

Thanks so much for your quick response Gail!