ID and confirm date on my Schott Perfecto?
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Hi all, I bought this jacket used several years ago, and it's taken a bit of a beating since. The belt is missing, the back belt strap I took off because there was no belt for it anyway, and I had it let out a bit at the waist so it didn't ride up on me while I was on my bike. I have no idea as to the age of this jacket. The woman I bought it from claimed it was from 1975, and also that it was a One Star but the stars are long gone. There do seem to be punches in the epaulets from where stars would have been, back in the day, but I'm not wholly convinced that they were authentic. Any info on this jacket is greatly appreciated! I'm just curious to know more about. Fortunately I got a fantastic deal on it so if it turns out not to be a One Star I won't be crushed. Also wanted to know if it's at all possible to get the fur collar for it these days, or to get the belt and belt loop replaced? Thanks so much, Kat
Gail on 11/19/12 at 02:53 PM

Based on The Bull Lbel and the Red size tag the jacket is from the 1960's - mid 1970's, so 1975 is probably yje corrct year. The style number for this jacket is 615. This jacket was made with out a bely for the owner to add a belt of his choosing. Gail