I need help identifying a jacket
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Hi I really need help identifying a jacket that was bought for me back in the early 80's, my girl friend paid around 200.00 for it thats all I know, I loved that jacket and wore it for about 12 years till some lowlife stole it and I have been looking for another one just like it ever since, it had a label in the collar that said SCHOTT but thats all I remember about the label, after searching on and off for many years I finally found a couple pictures of one just like it but no info if I post the photos can anyone help me with a year - model etc also I know it's asking alot but if anyone could give me a clue as to where I could find one new old stock or used I would be in debt to that person for life. I know this is a long shot but Im getting up there in my old age and would love to find a replacement for a jacket that was my 2nd love (before I had children) as it was the "Best" jacket I have owned in my 65 years on this planet. Thank you all in advance for any info you can shed on this old man's lost love. man how I have missed her (the jacket) over the years.

Gail on 11/15/13 at 02:19 PM

This was the style #800 and was offered in our line in 1984 & 1985. It was an imported jacket that we had produced to our specifications. Gail