how to protect?
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I recently purchased my first Schott product, a white Perfecto. While I cannot wait to wear it, I am concerned about the fact that it is white.  Is there anything I can put on the coat to protect it from stains, etc?

Gail on 03/18/13 at 08:11 AM

There is no product you can apply to protect the jacket from stains. All leather has pores which will absorb the stains. A product that has a silicone base product will seal the leather, not allowing the leather to breath and eventually causing the leather to dry rot. Products can also cause the leather to become stiff and can stain the leather. Depending on the type of leather some do have a slight finish to the leather tha twill provide some protection. My only suggestion is to lightly clean the leather with a damp cloth, saddle soap is also a recommended cleaner for leather. Never cover you jacket with plastic and keep the jacket in a cool place in the hot months. Gail