How to prevent mold
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I have a naked cowhide Schott 118 Perfecto which I brought new last year. I notice that the jacket start to mold. I only wear it twice and clean it by wiping using slightly damped cloth. I put it in a open cloth cupboard which has a good ventilation. Please advise on how can I prevent mold growth on my jacket.
Gail on 02/11/13 at 08:41 AM

I think what you are seeing is not mold but the natural oils of the jacket surfacing. Since naked leather has no finish this allows the natural oils to surfrace which does condition the jacket. The oils will surface more if you keep the jacket in a warm/hot area or covered in a way that the leather can not breathe. In addition the jacket does not have to be wiped clean with each wearing. If the jacket does become moist from rain or wiping down with a damp cloth let the jacket fully air dry before storing. Gail