how are the jackets delivered?
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hello. i'm going to be ordering a jacket and wanted to know how they are delivered (ups, etc?) and if I will receive a tracking number? Thanks!

Gail on 01/11/13 at 07:24 AM

Our website orders are shipped on Fedex, a tracking number will be emailed to you when your order ships. Gail

torz on 01/12/13 at 08:27 AM
Thanks Gail! Will it require a signature? I live in an apt building and would rather sign for it.
Gail on 01/14/13 at 07:44 AM

We do not require a signature on the shipment. Once your order is hipped you will receive the tracking number with the delivery date. You can then contact your local Fedex and make arrange,ents to pick up the jacket, or leave a note on the door to leave the package at a neighbors. We can also ship to your work address or  to someone you know  that would be home during the day to accept the delivery. Gail