Help identifying/authenticating perfecto
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Hello, I've just purchased this leather jacket. It appears authentic, given the high quality of the leather, and the 'schott' buttons. However, it is missing it's label which I attribute to the missing liner (correct?), and it has no flap coin pocket. I cannot find a model with three zippers, no flap coin pocket and a zip-out liner. Does anyone have any idea if this is an authentic schott, and if so what model/year? Thanks for your help! -W
Gail on 05/21/13 at 08:32 AM

Based on the Schott snaps it is a Schott jacket. It is possible it was jacket special production jacket produced for a company. Check in the pockets for a ticket with numbers hopefully the ticket is intact with the style number. Does the front zipper have a logo on the pull? Gail

MrOwl on 05/29/13 at 09:28 AM
Hi Gail, Thanks for your response! here are the pictures of the tag and zipper (there is no logo on the pull), to help better identify the jacket. The leather seems a bit thinner than other perfecto jackets I've encountered. Hopefully its authentic, but I have my doubts. Thanks for all your help! -W
Gail on 05/30/13 at 07:58 AM

Glad the tickey was still in the jacket, the style number is 622, it was only offered for 1 year in our line of jackets in 1993. Gail