Help identifying this jacket + sizing a new one
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I bought this jacket second-hand and I absolutely love it. Any idea what model and year it could be from? I've included photos of the only two tags that I can find. The liner may have included more, but it was sold without it.

My guess is that it's a 641, but I am uncertain of the vintage. I'm also not sure if its horsehide, cowhide or steerhide.

The jacket below is tagged a 38 and fits me perfectly. I'm a smaller guy, and it's hard to find jackets that fit correctly in the shoulders and in the sleeves. It's fitted in the sides exactly the way I like.

I'm considering a second Schott jacket - this time, a Perfecto, likely the 618. Is the fit similar?

Many thanks!
YoungGun on 09/27/12 at 02:40 AM

Your jacket looks like a 641 Steerhide.  I own this jacket as well on size 38.  If you're looking to get a 618, get a size 40, just like Schott recommends because my 618 size 40 fits like or just a tad more fitted than the 641 size 38.  If you're looking to buy a 618, I'm selling my brand new 618 size 40, never worn, and in pristine condition for $400 + shipping.   Let me know if you're interested.  Attached are some photos.  This retails for $570.

jwagar on 08/12/13 at 10:28 PM
How does the length of my 641 in size 38 compare to the length of the 125 or the 618? Thanks!